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on Dec 26th 2003, 19:01:04, Glutamathor Elch & Thorwald Redlefzen wrote the following about


When the mold-brown central breadcorestar lowered its gloomy light to the evening, professor Saeumzenbrink experienced it, as if a well-built large-caliber brown bread glided through the brain section, which it always regarded as the range of the distorted envoy of beta blocker 7-Moffta. »Aha, the beta blockers!«, it certainly whispered with a sonor sound from the breastbone. »With a fast movement of my pineal gland, (good, old Tarnbengale, hae hae!) I can certainly umsummen this muffigen Kloben in me against a strong Terrine more kluftiger, kleckerer Oekoselch Pompfladen, hae hae!« Thus it happened.

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