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In the days when the earth was covered with water, Great Spirit sent Sun Prince to warm the world, to dry areas of land, so that the Red Children would have a place to live.

He told all his Fish Children to swim to the Land of the Sky Blue Waters, but to not look at Sun Prince in the sky.

One fish chief did not believe Great Spirit, so he stuck his head out of the water and looked upward. Sun Prince was so close to the earth that his brilliance blinded Fish Chief.

Great Spirit was saddened. The fish people needed their chief, but their chief had not heeded the warnings of Great Spirit.

So he said, »Go, Fish Chief, return to your people and guide them. I will restore to you your sight. But because you disregarded my warning, you – and all your people to follow forever – will wear the same blank stare that you wear now

Thus was the decree of Great Spirit.

-- Ojibwa legend of the walleye

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