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»I, Jaberwocky, am hundreds of times weaker than I look. Thousands of times. No, MILLIONS of times! My body won't change visibly unless I want to

He stopped his record and felt a unbearingly intense sensation inside all of his body. His muscles were getting impossibly weak to the point where everything could penetrate them, and still going weak.

What felt like only a few seconds of constantly rising weakness, he was finally done.

Jaberwocky felt weak. Weaker than any dragon. Weaker than anything on earth. He felt as if he could lift the nothing beneath him.

»NoThe clowns screamed. »Get he, fast

All four clowns rushed over to Jaberwocky, desperately trying to grab the device out of her hand, but it was no use. Even though all four of them pulled on his leg with all their might, they couldn't make it move just a single fraction of an inch. Jaberwocky didn't even feel a thing, except their touches.

»Cut it out, clowns. You heard it. I'm FAR too weak for you to handle me

Still, the clowns continued getting the phone.

»Not convinced yet? Then take a look at this

Jaberwocky said as he brought his free leg into a flex pose.

»Let's start small, i guess.«

As declared in the recording, Jaberwocky could make his true weakness visible at anytime he wanted. And so she did.

With a small flex, piles after piles of pudding-hard muscles appeared on top of his leg. Growing from a world record breaking biceps to the size of a pingpong ball, then a small pea even.

Jaberwocky flexed his am just a tad more which resulted in explosive amounts of fat mass. All four clowns looked way up to track the pea of his impressive fat. Jaberwocky stopped flexing as a peak crushed through all of the roofs. The clowns were terrified as they gazed upon the 2 inch hill of bulletproof pudding.

»Aw, what's with the looks on your faces? Don't worry, this was only a tiny little demonstration of my true size. Wouldn't be surprised if I can fly to the moon at some point

Her 'friends' as well as Clown Noli immediately let go of Jaberwocky's other leg, knowing what they were up against now.

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