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Bush smirks when he talks, has unexplained boils, and is from down south. Aren't they all from down south? why? I don't care for him. Look, he already »attacked« Iran or Iraq or some country like that. You don't need to be into politics to get bad vibes from a person.

President Clinton, His only fault, as I see it is that he lied under oath. Of course, he is was married to the goverment at the time, being president and all. I'm sure a greater percentage of men whose wives ask them if they've cheated deny it. The public doesn't need to know about his sex life and all the neat details. Sex should be separated from government. But the Clinton's sex scandal is a subject that is so debatable it's up there with abortion. Think what you will, it was an ambarrassment to the U.S., but with the media and all and everyone thriving on it, I'm sure adultery has been committed elswhere quietly. If we are so interested in someone elses sins that makes us just as disgusting as the adulterer.

yes, I am embarrassed by my own country. The American Dream is bullshit. It's boring. And pop culture is pitiful.

I think a woman president or an African American president would be wonderful. I watched Hillary Clinton speak about pardons and she was very believable to me. And African Americans, i have seen them speak and preach the gospel and those that speak and preach are so moving and admirable, strong with such beautiful emphasis.


i know it's not a forum but why is this text so under-rated ???

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