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on Apr 13th 2000, 14:41:44, Groggy groove wrote the following about


Now tell me where my easy rider gone
Tell me where my easy rider gone
I need one of these women always in the wrong

Well, easy rider, standing on the road
And its easy rider standing on the road
Im a poor blind man, aint got no where to go

I went to the depot
I mean I went to the depot and set my pistol down
The blues overtake me and tears come rolling down

(Blind Lemon Jefferson was the first great male rural bluesman to record. Blind from birth, fat and unattractive, his guitar playing and high moanning singing enabled him to keep alive by playing at country dances, bars, and barrelhouses through east Texas. Many later famous singers, like Leadbelly and John White, learned their blues style while serving as lead boys for Blind Lemon. Others, like B.B.King, were heavily influenced by the records which Blind Lemon began making in 1925 and which continued to be popular until the winter of 1929/30, when, after a boozy rent party, Blind Lemon froze to death on a Chicago street, unable to find his way through the heavy snow.)

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