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on Sep 12th 2000, 03:53:33, miez wrote the following about


breakfast well i do not really care for it
it is extremely stupid to think that it makes any sense to go out on sunday mornings to meet with one of those who think they are doing something special when they are sitting together in nice cafes and talking the greatest bullshit ever spoken on this earth.
have you ever been there: brunch ?
it is a complete kindergarten shit meeting.
the »nice« cafes are full of frustrated couples who think everybody has to like their loud stupid kids and the most interessting theme they have is where
to get the best cafe au lait in town
to that kind of time wasting i can only shout no thanks
im staing in bed until the city is clean of the breakfasterror crowds what not difficult for aomeone who usually comes home drunk when the nicecafefuckers leave home to meet other cafeaulaitpissers.

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