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on Feb 28th 2004, 10:01:16, babul saha wrote the following about


Respected Sir,

We are exporting all sorts of Jute/Burlap products,Like Burlap/Hessian cloth,Burlap bags,Sand bag,Onion bag,potato bag,Std.B.Twill Jute bag,Binola Jute bag,D.W.Flour bag,Nursery pot,Jute Nursery Scrim cloth,Jute Shooping bag,Jute Wine bottle bag,Jute Tape(for wrapping trees),Jute Rope/String,Jute Yarn/Twine,Jute soil saver,Jute carpet backing clothj etc to the all over the World.

Please send us your details enquiry by return Email sutapafashion@yahoo.com

Thanking you,
Yours very truly
Babul Saha
Chief Business Coordinator
Sutapa Impex/Sutapa Fashion
147/A Arambagh,3rd Floor,
Tel # 88 02 7100096
Fax # 88 02 7100618

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