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According to my dad I was lightly circumcised when I was 1 month old. It caused a hole in the bottom of the shaft so that I peed here instead at the tip. A second circumcision was done at age one to get enough skin to plug this hole. This has caused me great problems as a teenager. My erections hurt and I could only jackoff with lots of lubrication. My penis was bent down and to the left. I had a gay friend help me start foreskin restoration. In 6 years, I now have no downward bend and only a little bend to the left. I also now have a glans that is covered half way with a new foreskin. You can still see the spot where the second hole was covered up. Circumcision is barbaric and should be banned on babies, little boys, teenagers, and should only be done on adults over 21 years old.

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