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on Aug 13th 2000, 11:45:52, Markotron wrote the following about


What about replacinging happyness by happiness?
My association to happiness concerning the blaster:
(You know there are a lot of these books called »happiness is...« or »friendship is...«; and I'll try to write this entry that style)
Happiness is writing some entries without touching the forbidden key (which is the one with the accents – they always make my computer break down. Only hope, that there'll never be a french blaster)
Happiness is being given the possibility to launch a new word.
Happiness is knowing a good one when you're allowed to create a new category.
Happiness is finding one of your texts judged on positively.
Happiness is reading a text that makes me smile.
Happiness is reading texts by people speaking english as their mothertongue (not so many here, are there??)
Happiness is having found this website.....

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