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on Jun 5th 2008, 18:20:22, Sandro Kafoon wrote the following about


The pressure from the Huldston office to offer Benning the position of Junior Assistant Vice Manager (responsible for daily »flush-and-crush« operations in the Freyn Interupt Chamber, as well as monthly Fraction Torch Assembly reports) at the Bent Fork Facility (where we already staff 2 managers for every specialist on the payroll – I have yet to find a VP in Huldston who can account for this imbalance) has lead me to re-examine his performance in this office over the last three weeks (since his uncle, CFO Matt Clitcher, asked us to take him on despite his complete lack of experience or interest in the field), in particular the events of yesterday in which Benning featured prominently in the role of instigator (Laupter, who was there in the Copy Center, saw Benning set fire to a stack of Moran-Healy Projections and then proceed to throw them into the White Paper recycling box) and victim (how the can of toluene came to be sitting on the counter we may never know for sure, Benning denied knowledge of it (I would not say convincingly), but there it was moments before it exloded in the flames of the recycling box fire, destroying a Huffner 700C color printer as well as the wall that the Copy Center shares with the 2nd floor Men's Room and one toilet that was at the time occupied by Mr. Thresh Roepson, Head of Departmental Research, who, despite having been thrown to the floor with his pants burning around his ankles, managed chase Benning out of the building, where he then threw Benning off the 2nd floor of the parking structure onto a decent sized shrub, spraining one ankle in the fall and the shrub bringing on an acute allergic/asthmatic reaction for which Benning has been hospitalized since), and given that we will be relocating what remains of this office after the fire to a different floor in the coming weeks and will have no need of Benning's assistance during the move, I glady recommend his reassignment to Bent Fork, effective immediately.

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