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the-the was guise for matt johnson,
matt johnson formed his first band at age 11
at 15 he was hired as a tea boy ,
with dewolfe music company,
within 3 years he was working in the recording studio as an assistant engineer,
after the demise of the duo the marble index in 1979 johnson formed the first incarnation of the the with synth player keith laws; after playing .
under his own name that year he also recored as a guitarist with the band gadgets, and the contributed a track to the some bizzare album compilation.in 1982 the the now essentially a johnson solo project , backed by a revolving coterie of musicians,recorded the album the pornography of despair which a diiissatisfied johnson chose not to rellease a1985 single record with orange-juice zeke mantika>>this is the day <<
formed thecenterpiece of the the's proper bebut, 1984 soul mining , an excurson into dance flavored pop. illness sidelined johnson for much of the following year,
and the the did not return untill 1986's infetcted, an eclectic commentary on the state of britain in the modern word.
record with the aid of talents like neneh cherry art noise's anne dudley and swan's roli mosimanns infected was also accompanied by an ambitious album-lenght video.when the the returned with the dissonant mind bomb in 1989, they were once again a true band, with johnson joined by ex-smiths guitarist johnson marr as well as bassist james eller and former abc drummer dave palmer, the same line-up remained for 1993's pared down dusk, but 1995'shankey pankey marked yet another new director when johnson was joined by guitarist eric schermerhorn,keyboardist d.c.collard,brian macleod. the first in series of occasional albums celebrating the work of legendary performers,hanky panky was a brooding covers collection honoring the music of country great hank williams. naked self followed in early 2000.

credit:jason ankey
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