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on Oct 25th 2015, 10:16:38, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


And another thing stop pretending to be nice to her and talking rubbish behind her back saying she has dyslexia she has dyscalculia look it up on the web if you don't know what it is Matthew stop stalking her you don't know a lot about her if you do you always believe her mother who lies sometimes keep out of Amber's life you never cared about her even when she told you what she liked you embarrassed her in public you told her what she was interested in was stupid would you be a friend if she was not disabled the answer is yes you would Amber has no voice because of you do you really know her the answer is no you listen into her phone calls and look at what she is doing on the internet how dare you she never did that to you and you can keep your job Amber makes mistakes but everybody does even you put yourself in her shoes if she did that to you would you hate her of course you would you want to know why she avoids you and is mean to people now you know stop making her life hell everyday just leave her alone she does not like you and if she hurt you she is sorry but call her stupid again and she will leave it's what everyone including Elfboi wanted but before she goes she would like to see who Elfboi really is and they both can apologize to each other and clear up all this behind her name then he can kill her or they can cut ties your choice Elfboi Amber is waiting for you

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