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The whole kindergarten were in angst because the wandering through the hinterland including playing blitzkrieg was so frightening for these little kids. The boy that had to play the fόhrer wasn't amused about that. At age of five he didn't really understand what this guy he played was all about, but this dark and ugly moustache was itching his nose. When he suddenly had that feeling telling »Boy you better go to toilett fastHe told the teacher and she decided to go back to the kindergarten building. The fόhrer ripped of his moustache ran to the rest room and pulled out his wiener. He heared a voice „Boy, better sit down!“, but to late, he was already urinating while standing. Now he was a man. But lucky him, nobody saw him. „Boy, this is now our secret.“, told he to his little friend, and wraped him up. Later when his mother came to fetch him he jumped to their Volkswagen and she asked her son what they did in the kindergarten. He answered „Oh, nothing special, mom. We only discussed about our different weltanschauungs.“ – „Ah, your teacher explained why so many things are verboten to you?“ – „No, we did not talk about verboten things. And what did you do through your day?“ – „Ah, your father was composing a new song, but he didn’t find the right leitmotiv, so we left for a brunch in a nice small cafe.“ – „That sure must be very inspiring to both of you!“ – „Well, it was o.k.“ – „Why just o.k.?“ – „It meant it was good.“ – „Oh, you with your auld language. Sometimes I really think you and dad are some ancient antiques from the middleage or earlier, may be even before that great war. Man, that’s cool!“ – „And then your father had that idea, to play the glockenspiel and using it as backgroud and then turning it slowly into a gestalt like the leitmotiv.“ – „That truly sounds excellent.“ – „Yeah, you must hear it. It’s beautiful, it’s good, it sounds good, it’s nice, it’s... it’s wunderbar!“ – „So, you think that sitting in that cafe was it?“ – „Yeah, may be. You know what, I think I really like ersatz coffee. It’s a nice diversion from normal coffee made of coffee beans.“ – „Didn’t I say you sometimes behave like elderly people?! Or is it just this alternative touch.“ – „Yeah, may be it’s, it’s ...“ – „Gesundheit!“ – „Oh, I didn’t sneeze. I just coughed. But thank you anyway.“ – „It’s what?“ – „I meant to say, I was trying to explain, yeah, sometimes I really like to do this old fashioned things. Dance the waltz like around 19 hundred. Walking with my rucksack like in the seventies. Or even just making a kaffeeklatsch like we did in the eighties.“ – „Today I was the fόhrer like in the ninteen thirties.“ – „Ah, good.“ – „Did you listen to me?“ – „Yeah, you played the whole day with your friends.“ – „... and we talked about that guy, who thought it would be according to the zeitgeist to make everything kaput, or somethingThey arrived at home and their father and husband was just getting off his bike and came to the car. He asked the boy „How was your day?“ – And the son answered „Fine, thank you. Mom told about your brillant inspiration in that cafe.“ – „Yeah, that was wunderbar. – Do you know what lies between ‘fear’ and ‘sex’ ?“ – „I think ‘fόnf’. Why do you ask.“ – „Ah, I didn’t know, you already knew.“ The father took his hands behind his head, so that it seemed very relaxed and said „You know what? I think I have composed enough songs for the next days. Now I am going to start another Fortsetzungsgeschichte, or let’s say a RoundRobin

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