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Joshua wrote on Oct 3rd 2015, 16:50:58 about


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If you think you get lazy, there is a perfect medicine for you:

Today most memories, threads and wishes are related to my boyhood. Over decades a good and sound spanking was the best and most used punishment for naughty boys. It really hurt and was quite effective. I know because my parents were heavy spankers. Sure, I used to hate it at that time. But today I really appreciate every single spanking I received, as those were the driving power forcing me to learn my necessary lessons for life.

Now I am nearly 26 years old and sometimes I tend to be somewhat lazy again, like in my boyhood. And I truly believe that the best motivation for me to overcome this idleness, would be a severe spanking.

I am looking for a male who would administer such punishments on my bare buttocks whenever I need it.

So, if you are interested in spanking a very (!!) good looking young man, please let me know by leaving a note here at this internet-blaster under the keywords »punishment« or »boyhood«.

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