This page explains

How the Rating System works!

Blasti, the Assoziations-Blaster's mascot, knows everything about the Blaster's Rating System.

What is this Rating good for?
There are many texts in the Assoziations-Blaster's database. Some are useful, some are ... well, not really useful. So maybe you do not want to read everything, but just the interesting texts. – The Rating System was designed just for this purpose.

How does it work in general?
If you write some contributions to the Blaster's database, you are granted some rating-points. You can spend these points to increase or decrease the score of any text. A new text starts with 0 (zero) points. A good rating means positive numbers, a bad rating means negative numbers. – So if you like just to read texts that don't have less than 2 points, adjust your treshold to »2«.

What happens to the texts that are rated as bad?
No text is deleted, but if it gets maybe a rating of -10000, it is not likely to be read by anybody with a reasonable treshold level. But if you want to read the crappiest crap, you still can: Simply set your treshold to (let's say) -10000.

How shall I spend my rating points?
You can't buy anything for rating points, so there is no use in saving them up. Spray them around. If you like or dislike a text, spend a point at once. – Why or how you spend your points, whatever reasons drive you to do it; it's completely your choice.

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