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on Mar 7th 2002, 00:07:13, zahid wrote the following about


Truthway Industries
P.O.Box 2677, Ibrahim Pura, Sialkot – Pakistan
Tel:++92 432 543505, Fax:++92 432 543505 Email truthway@skt.wol.net.pk
Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality Manicure and Beauty Care instruments

Dear Sir,

Through our commercial sources it is known that you are importers of


and in order to have your requirements of above items in time, you are looking for a reliable source which can fulfill your demands as per your desire.

It is for your kind information that we are real manufacturers and exporters of above items since 1985 and have the abilities to cater your demands well in time against best prices.

In view of the above lines, you are requested to inform us, list of above items which you like to buy at present, enabling us to offer you their best prices and also a few items for showing you quality and workmanship of our products.

Hoping your early reply in the matter so next steps will be taken to make very fine business relations with your house.

Thanks and best regards

Mian Sher Muhammad
Truthway Industries
Sialkot – Pakistan
Fax:++92 432 543505
Email <truthway@skt.wol.net.pk>

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