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Disclaimer: The TimeVine was written by the DK Vine staff as a logical way to tie the Donkey Kong Universe continuity together. Some creative freedom has been taken to make things work, and it should be noted that the TimeVine is not endorsed or supported by Nintendo, Rare Ltd., Hudson Soft, HAL, or Camelot. We simply feel this is as accurate as you can get concerning the mythos of the DKU, and we view all non-official items as canon until the previously mentioned companies say otherwise. All questions or comments should be sent to Slush. Enjoy.

God, science, God using science, whatever you want, the universe is created. But for some reason something goes slightly askew, and anomalies in the timestream are created during this event. An infinite amount of alternate realities are spawned off of the »core« one, and this number would forever be multipling. In each reality, multiple dimensions were also formed by the bang. Among them in the core reality was are »our« dimension and a dimension that will someday be known as »the Mushroom Dimension«. Meanwhile, for reasons and means unknown, a mythical being known as Queen Banana Bird is born out on the edges of the universe, and begins to journey it.

?????????? BC:
It is a very chaotic time on Earth. The atmosphere has yet to develop, life has yet to appear, and molten volcanoes cover the rocky surface. Deep within Earth's surface, a mystical »force power« leaks from the core of the Earth. It slowly, ever so slowly, burrows it's way through the ground.

Approx. 50,000 BC:
The force power finally breaks through the top of the ground....only not quite. It reaches a large underground cave, beneath what will soon become an island. Because it does not have the pressure it needs to continue to thrust upwards, it simply ends in the cave, flowing gently towards the ceiling. But somehow, the force power soon spawns life....in the form of crocodile people. The crocodile people see the force power as their god, their healer. They live in the cave while the force power continues to generate these crocodile men, who soon call themselves »Kremlings«.

Approx. 49,999 BC:
The land mass that sits on top of the cave breaks off from Africa, making an island. The Kremlings slowly move upwards onto the island where less and less live in the cave.

Approx. 49,990 BC:
A system of monarchy is formed by the Kremlings, and they name their island »Crocodile Isle«.

Approx. 1230 AD:
Donkey Kong Jr. arrives in the middle ages from 1999 AD to fight the elfin/dwarf Link in the land of Hyrule by the being that lives in the Mushroom Dimension known as Master Hand.

Approx. 1400-1450 AD:
Queen Banana Bird arrives on Earth and makes home in the northern skies above a large island off the cost of Africa.

Approx. 1500 AD:
Taj the genie, »master« of Taj's Island (a medium-sized island north of Crocodile Isle), is very lonely. There are no other creatures on his island that can speak outside of their own primitive forms of animal communication. So using his magic, he makes almost every living thing on the island (even some vegetables) as intelligent (unless they're just born stupid) as he. They can speak English, think profoundly, and everything. Most stay, but others venture out to surrounding islands as well. A group of squirrels form the Kulas of Conk, a society that prided themselves on being the first race of intelligent squirrels. They located themselves on a island to the north they named Willow Woods, where several living acorns (known as Acorn People) also made their home.

Approx. 1690-1700 AD:
The Milk Wars occur in Willow Woods. The Weasel King, the king of the Willow Woods forest, and his army fought against the Kulas of Conk, who had allied themselves with a panther. However, the panther betrayed the Kulas, banished them to an area known as The Dark Place, and chopped off the legs of the Weasel King. He then took reign over Willow Woods, becoming the Panther King and controlling the weasel army. He forced the former Weasel King, a gifted inventor, to be his personal scientist-lackey. One of the things The Professor (as he was now known as) had developed during his reign as king was a form of medicine that halted the aging process, which would have allowed him to reign for practically eternity (unless he died through unconventional means). The Panther King forced him to hand some over, turning him into an immortal...

Approx. 1800 AD:
A tall vessel wrecks due to violent storms in the ocean. It's cargo hold bursts open, causing several reading materials in crates to wash adrift in the ocean, eventually washing up upon the island off the coast of Africa, where several species of ape get a hold of them. They don't understand the strange »markings« found inside these materials, but one abnormally intelligent ape slowly picks up on them...

Approx. 1802 AD:
The intelligent ape finally cracks the code of the reading materials and learns how to speak very basic English. He passes his knowledge on to other apes.

Approx. 1810 AD:
Nearly every ape on the island knows how to speak basic English, while some speak very fluently. Thinking of this to be a better way of communicating than »ape dialect«, they decide to make it a »official« language of sorts. The apes also decide to try and teach it to other species as well.

Approx. 1812 AD:
After many failed attempts for other species to learn the language (such as rhinos, ostriches, etc.), the apes discover that a single bear slowly picks up on English. They figure that apes and bears must be the most intelligent creatures living on the island.

Approx. 1815 AD:
All of the apes now speak English, and a portion of the bears do as well. The »language lessons« have sort of brought together all the different clans of apes and all the different clans of bears. One of the things that the apes learned from the now discarded reading materials were »last names«. The apes, who were now giving each other first names, decided that everyone needed a last name. They decided on the name »Kong«, which meant »ape« or »monkey«. Meanwhile, the bears simply decided to end their names with »Bear«.

Approx. 1820 AD:
The apes and bears are now living within a semi-civilized little world (around this time many temples are built). They decide that someone needs to be the maintainer of the island, and when he dies, keep the ownership of the island in his lineage. While it may have been that »intelligent« ape that first learned English that was chosen, it could have very well been someone else, since most all the apes were as intelligent as he now. Whoever was chosen, they never bothered to name the island...

Approx. 1932 AD:
Donkey Kong, son of the current owner of the island, is born. »Wrinkly« Kong is born.

Approx. 1940 AD:
Taj decides his island needs some excitement, so he creates several racetracks, which quickly become a popular tourist attraction among the many citizens of the several islands. He also creates T.T., a living clock/stop watch to guard and protect the many racetracks.

Approx. 1947 AD:
Taj gets sealed and trapped within a magical lamp by another genie, an evil genie, named Wizpig (some even believe Wizpig is an alien from beyond Earth, but others think that's not true). But before Taj was trapped, he managed to seal Wizpig in a lamp as well. However, no one knows of the location of the lamps. With Taj gone, the island goes to a family of tigers, who rename it 'Tiger Island.' They set up a lineage ownership just like the ape island.

Approx. 1954 AD:
Donkey Kong Junior arrives in a distant galaxy, transported back in time and through space by Master Hand, to fight the freelance interplanetary fighter pilot known as Fox McCloud.

Approx. 1955 AD:
The Kremean Wars occur.

Approx. 1958 AD:
Electricity is discovered on the islands, and begins to become a part of the citizens' daily lives.

Approx. 1960 AD:
Donkey's father or mother passes away, and since his other parent apparently also died sometime ago, he gets control of the island. He decides to take the bold move and name it.....»Donkey Kong Island«.

Approx. 1962 AD:
A vessel containing televisions accidentally drops some cargo, which washes ashore DK Island. Thankfully, they didn't get too wet in their crates. Some of the more sophisticated apes on the island figure out a way to reproduce several of these televisions and sell them. They also figure out a way to produce their own programming. Before long, they also manage to pick up television shows from distant lands.

Approx. 1965 AD:
Donkey completes construction on a giant stone model of his face on the outside of the caves on the front of the island.

Approx. 1966 AD:
Young Bottles the mole and his family move from Tiger Island to an unnamed island north of it.

Approx. 1969 AD:
DK's son, Donkey Kong Junior, is born, Funky Kong is born, Candy Kong is born.

Approx. 1970 AD:
DK's second son, Swanky Kong, is born.

Approx. 1971 AD:
A cruiseship carrying an Italian plumber from Brooklyn New York named Mario, his girlfriend Pauline, and many more (including a young girl named »Christine«) crashes onto the shore of Donkey Kong Island. While most people stay on the shoreline for fear of wandering in the wild jungle, Mario and Pauline go exploring with no regards for the wildlife. They litter, cause small fires, and more. Donkey Kong Sr., not wanting to put up with human ways on his island, »kidnaps« Pauline as a way to teach Mario a lesson. Mario doesn't take this lying down, and goes on a small quest to free her. He eventually succeeds over DK in »Big Ape City«, and traps him in a cage as a trophy. When DK Jr. finds out about his dad, he goes on his own quest to free him from Mario. In the end, DK Jr. causes Mario to plummet 40 feet, nearly killing him, and rescues his dad. Pauline takes the injured Mario back to the shore where a rescue ship eventually comes for them. Meanwhile, the little girl Christine has wandered off and her parents can't find her. After a search party looks for days and days, she is presumed dead and then everyone goes on the rescue ship and leaves DK Island. Mario vows revenge on the Kong family, promising to himself that he will meet up with them again. A few months later, DK Jr. gets plucked into the year 2000 by an older version of himself to compete in a tennis tournament. He's returned (unharmed) to the moment he was plucked away after a few days in the future...

Approx. 1972 AD:
Banjo Bear is born on the unnamed island north of Tiger Island, where his parents had moved to from Donkey Kong Island years earlier. Meanwhile; DK Jr., Funky, and Candy Kong have all become good friends. Lanky Kong is also born around this time.

Approx. 1973 AD:
The future parents of the monkey known as Diddy Kong visit Tiger Island where they meet the owners of the island and future parents of the tiger known as Timber. They become good friends.

Approx. 1974 AD:
Donkey Sr. builds a »treehouse« for both of his kids to play in, but Swanky is more interested in disco music and it pretty much becomes Donkey Junior's.

Approx. 1975 AD:
Three humans leave the United States to go to Twycross England and study the many different forms of witchcraft. Their names are Gruntilda Winkybunion, her sister Brentilda, and their friend Klungo.

Approx. 1977 AD:
Completing their studies in Twycross, the trio buy a large boat called the Rusty Bucket and sail to the island north of Tiger Island, where they hope to find a witch doctor/shaman named Mumbo Jumbo (species unknown to us). They hope to actually study under the witch doctor himself and see if THEY can master the art of voodoo and other forms of magic. They find the shaman through a gateway near a location on the island called »Spiral Mountain«. He agrees to teach them.

Approx. 1978 AD:
Mumbo Jumbo teaches a lesson to his students (who have progressed far in the use of magic) about good magic and evil magic (magic that comes from the power of Satan himself). He says that evil magic is usually quicker and sometimes more powerful, but can have horrible side effects and in the end nobody ever wins using it. Gruntilda takes notice, and secretly persuades her two partners to practice black magic behind Mumbo's back. They find it to be much more to their liking. One day Mumbo catches Gruntilda performing it (Gruntilda didn't realize he was behind her) and confronts her about it. Since using the magic made evil build up in her, she attacked Mumbo with it, horribly disfiguring his face and forcing him to wear a mask. All three fled, and Mumbo's face would remain disfigured until they day Gruntilda would die. The »triad« set up their base of operations in a large above ground cave overseeing Spiral Mountain. They built a tower on the cave to extend it, and called it their lair.

Approx. 1979 AD:
Gruntilda, Brentilda, and Klungo all notice something unusual happening. Their skin was turning green. They figure out that that is one of the side effects of »hardcore« black magic. Brentilda's nose even decays and falls off, which is a wake up sign for her. She realizes that that kind of magic is wrong, and confronts her sister and Klungo about it. They end up in a huge fight and Brentilda is kicked out of the tower. She is forced to live at the bottom of the lair, never to be in contact with Gruntilda or Klungo again. While »Grunty« and Klungo continue to wither away and get uglier, Brentilda switches over to good magic and saves her soul in the process. However, her skin shall remain green forever, and her nose is permanently lost. Meanwhile, Conker the squirrel and Berri the chipmunk are born on Willow Woods.

Approx. 1980 AD:
A Kremling named K. Rool becomes their new king.

Approx. 1981 AD:
Chunky Kong is born. Donkey Senior also makes an arcade game titled after him, Donkey Kong, which is about when Mario and Pauline were causing trouble on the island.

Approx. 1982 AD:
Gruntilda sends an invitation to two of her younger sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda, to come and join her in her Spiral Mountain Lair. Anxious to see their sister again, they accept, and upon arrival discover that she had become a hideous witch. Although they clearly see the drawbacks from such a lifestyle, they both jump at the chance to learn the art of black magic when Gruntilda offers to teach them...

Approx. 1983-1985 AD:
Diddy Kong is born and Dixie Kong is born. On Tiger Island, the current owners' have a son named Timber. Also born on Tiger Island at this time are Tiptup the turtle, Bumper the badger, and Pipsy the mouse. Meanwhile, longtime friends Donkey Kong Jr. and Candy Kong start to develop deep intimate feelings for each other and it isn't long before they become an item. Back at Gruntilda's Lair, both Mingella and Blobbelda are now trained in the art of witchcraft, and they decide to establish their own lair in a different location on the island. Since nobody had actually ever layed claim to the island, they called it their own by naming it the Isle o' Hags. To make money, they even launch their own factory (in association with Gruntilda), and among the items made are underwear. British videogame designer Ultimate: Play the Game also makes a game called Jetpac during this time period.

Approx. 1985 AD:
Mario and his brother Luigi go on a routine plumbing job in Brooklyn. Little do they know that a small dimensional tear is about to quickly occur, sucking them both in to a whole other dimension, the Mushroom Dimension. Once they are sucked in, the tear fixes itself, trapping them.

Approx. 1986 AD:
Donkey Jr. moves out of his father and mother's cabin into his treehouse. Wanting to put the cave below it to good use, he starts something called »a banana hoard« where we plans on building the biggest collection of bananas ever in »DK Country«. Meanwhile, Diddy's parents take him to Tiger Island to show Timber's parents Diddy and for Timber's parents to show Diddy's parents Timber. Diddy and Timber become friends. This is the first of many »vacations« where the two families will get together (They stop regularly around the early '90's).

Approx. 1987 AD:
Donkey Sr., who has become very cynical and grumpy with older age, starts to be jokingly called »Cranky« by family members and friends. His wife (»Wrinkly«, real name unknown), starts to obsess over the wrinkles she is developing, so everyone calls her »Wrinkly« to joke around with her. Both names stick. It is also around this time when Donkey Kong Jr. just starts going by the name Donkey Kong.

Approx. 1989 AD:
Berri auditions for a bit in a commercial. She wins it, and before long she becomes a child actress....

Approx. 1990 AD:
Banjo Bear's little sister, Tooty Bear, is born.

Approx. 1991 AD:
Dixie Kong's little sister, Tiny Kong, is born.

Approx. 1992 AD:
Wrinkly Kong realizes that the Kremlings are getting poor education on Crocodile Isle, so she decides she wants to get a teaching job over there. Cranky is initially against the idea, because he wants to live on his island. Wrinkly tells him that she doesn't feel the job will be permanent, so he can continue to live on DK Island while she moves to Crocodile Isle. Reluctantly, he agrees. Meanwhile, Swanky Kong goes for one of his life long dreams (that doesn't involve disco) and lands a job as a game show host for »Bonus Bananza« or as it will be known, »Swanky's Bonus Bananza«. The show tapes on Crocodile Isle, so he too moves.

Approx. 1994 AD:
Kiddy Kong is born. Something happens to his natural baboon parents, and he is held up for adoption. Dixie Kong's aunt and uncle adopt him.

November 1994 AD:
DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (Super Nintendo): King K. Rool sends his vast Kremling armies to Donkey Kong Island to steal Donkey Kong Jr.'s Banana Hoard. The army magically seals Diddy Kong, who was »guarding« the Hoard, in a barrel which starts the »DK Barrel Curse« where any Kong that dare oppose the Kremlings shall be sealed within a barrel upon the touch of a Krem. Donkey Kong frees Diddy and with the help of family, friends, and animal buddies, travel DK Island and beat K. Rool on his ship, the Gangplank Galleon. K. Rool and the army that stole the Hoard go to prison.

July 1995 AD:
DONKEY KONG LAND: Cranky Kong, jealous of the success of youngsters DK and Diddy, makes a challenge. He bets them that their success over K. Rool was fluke, and they couldn't do it again. They deny this, of course. Cranky decides to make them put their money where their mouth is by breaking K. Rool and some of his army out of jail. They steal the Hoard once again, team up with some new baddies, and relocate themselves on the small »islands« on the side of DK Island, one of them Big Ape City. DK and Diddy along with Rambi and Expresso go after the Kremlings once again, and a final showdown occurs on a floating blimp in Big Ape City. K. Rool once again fails, this time falling off the blimp onto the roof of a building below. Injured, he and his army get sent back to the slammer.

September-November 1995 AD:
Diddy Kong meets Dixie Kong, and they develop a crush on each other. The start referring to themselves as »boyfriend« and »girlfriend«. Awww....

December 1995 AD:
DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: DIDDY'S KONG QUEST: As it turns out, even before Cranky's breakout of K. Rool and his army, they were planning their own. So using the plan they were cooking up for months, K. Rool and a selected few of his men broke out of prison, the others staying behind to create a distraction for the guards. Upon escape, K. Rool met up with more Kremlings/baddies from Crocodile Isle (including Klubba, Kudgel, etc.). The odd thing was, during his stay in prison K. Rool became hooked on watching old pirate movies. While thinking of ways to escape he dreamed of being a swashbuckler of old. So he dressed himself up in pirate clothes and called himself »Kaptain K. Rool«. Then he ordered his men to dress up like pirates (even cutting the legs off poor Kritters for them to become peglegged Klomp), and started to set his revenge plan in motion. The bane of his two previous schemes was Donkey Kong, so he decided that the ultimate revenge would be to kidnap DK. And he didn't have to go far, since DK had fallen asleep in his beach chair earlier in the day and was right along the shore where K. Rool met up with the other Kremlings upon escaping. The Krems snuck up on the big gorilla and smashed something over his head, knocking him out cold. They left a cryptic note on the remains of the chair, and hurried off to the Gangplank Galleon, which was still floating next to DK Island from DKC. It was then Diddy and Dixie (out on a »date«) that found the letter. They went back and showed it to Funky, Cranky, and Candy. After some disagreement, it was decided that they would go on a quest to Crocodile Isle to free DK. Candy stayed behind since it would be an emotional adventure for her, and Expresso the ostrich stayed with her. The next morning Diddy and Dixie set off to Gangplank Galleon to begin their quest. After a long period of adventuring, they had a showdown with Kaptain K. Rool on his »heli-vessel«, the Flying Krock, above Crocodile Isle. At the end of the battle, a freed Donkey uppercutted K. Rool out of the Flying Krock and into the murky waters below. Several sharks immediately started to chomp away at him. It appeared as if K. Rool was dead....but the adventure wasn't over yet. Diddy and Dixie had been finding entrances to the fabled cave that contained the force power that created the Kremlings and sustained their life. They figured that if the power could somehow stop flowing, then the Kremlings themselves would all die out. So after some adventuring in the »Lost World« (as the giant cave came to be known), the two monkeys made it to the core of the portal, in the small room that was designed as a temple by the Kremlings where the portal flowed from deep within the earth. But they were shocked to find that someone was waiting for them......K. Rool. Apparently, after the sharks had ate away a good portion of his flesh, he was dying. He slowly floated down into the ocean, but before he got too deep, his nearly lifeless body floated into a crack near the top of the cave and he fell next to the force power. He healed his wounds with the Kremling life giver, and knew Diddy and Dixie wouldn't be too much longer. He was right, and they had one final duel. K. Rool threw out all the remaining tricks in his arsenal, but in the end the blunderbuss he was carrying backfired, shooting himself up into the air into the force power itself. His chubby body prevented the power from flowing up out of the earth, and enormous pressure started to build up. All of the Kongs (including Wrinkly and Swanky) and the animal buddies (plus some new ones they met) escaped off the island as the pressure caused it to start rumbling. Donkey, Diddy, and Dixie watched together as the pressure finally gave in, causing the force power to shoot it's way up through Crocodile Isle, destroying it, and then fizzling out after so many centuries. With the force power no longer flowing, it appeared as if all the Kremlings were dead. But what of K. Rool? Wasn't he in the force power itself, the lifegiver, before the island blew up and the Kremling species died out? Sure enough, the three watched as K. Rool sailed away on the Gangplank Galleon, laughing maniacally, into the distance. Not all of the force power fizzled out, as some of it actually absorbed into the skin of K. Rool while he was clogged into it (like radiation would). This sustained K. Rool and made him the last living Kremling....but if he did have some force power inside his body now, couldn't he just create more Kremlings? Or wouldn't it have been a possibility to keep some of his best Kremlings in his army alive using the force power now in his body? This is exactly what K. Rool did, and it would eventually lead to his downfall. However, K. Rool was gone for a while, and the Kongs celebrated another victory.

September 1996 AD:
DONKEY KONG LAND 2: The Kongs were relaxing out on the beach (Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, Wrinkly, and Funky were all there, along with some animal buddies) one late September day when they saw a ship in the distance. It was the Gangplank Galleon. K. Rool was ready for revenge. Presumably, he called forth the Kremlings he kept alive with the force power, and also recreated dozens of new ones, entering a kind of »second Kremling era.« Once the ship reached the shore, K. Rool attacked the Kongs and the animal buddies, possibly knocking them all out and taking them aboard. During the good guys' »nap time,« K. Rool cast a spell for the ruins of Crocodile Isle to rise from the bottom of the sea and gel together once again. However, Crocodile Isle was now incredibly unstable. It was cracked, shaky, and was even spewing toxic acid in many places. Still, it would serve the Kremlings' purposes for the time being. Unfortunately for K. Rool, the other Kremlings didn't quite share his enthusiasm. After losing to the Kongs three times; which included going to jail, Crocodile Isle blowing up, the Kremling species nearly dying out, etc.; K. Rool's leadership was questioned by many during his »briefing« of their new plan against the Kongs (which isn't actually clear, since this briefing was never shown and is for the most part speculation). The Kremlings »vetoed« K. Rool, saying they were sick of him and his insane schemes. They then put forth an ancient Kremling movement against their king, which is similar to impeachment. K. Rool would have one last chace. One last test to prove himself. If he failed, he was no longer king, and a new king would be elected. K. Rool was shocked by this, but planned on winning. So he once again kidnapped DK, leaving Diddy, Dixie, and the others to rescue him in a repeat of sorts of their last adventure. Diddy and Dixie braved the new, more rugged and dangerous Crocodile Isle until they once again reached Kaptain K. Rool. Donkey was able to get out of his ropes and give a second upper slug to Rool, knocking him down into the waters again (this time no sharks attacked him). He then scurried back into the Lost World into the small temple room, where the force power once flowed. Now, since the explosion, it was nothing but a molten lava pit. Diddy and Dixie made their way through the Lost World to K. Rool once again, and fought an incredible battle. So much was at stake for K. Rool, and that gave him extra momentum. In the end, sadly for the Kaptain, K. Rool was knocked out. Diddy and Dixie could have and would have captured him right there, but suddenly the unstable Crocodile Isle started to collapse on itself. The good guy forces managed to escape, and Klubba and the other pirate themed Kremlings pulled out of there in the Gangplank Galleon, sailing far away. The new batch of Kremlings scattered to the Northern Kremisphere, while some other Kremlings just went off to different places. However, only one person seemingly remained on Crocodile Isle as it sank into the ocean for it's final time ... K. Rool. DK, Diddy, and Dixie watched again from DK Island as the island drifted below the waters, and K. Rool, the former king, had apparently died. Or had he...?

October 1996 AD:
No, K. Rool hadn't died. As the island sank, he used a Kremling spell to teleport himself out of there. He ended up in the Northern Kremisphere near the Queen Banana Bird. Aparrently, the Queen knew of K. Rool's evil and attempted to do something about it, but K. Rool fought back. He trapped the Queen behind a giant stone barrier and captured most of her offspring, the Banana Birds (only a few escaped). Only if all the Banana Birds were brought back to the barrier would the Queen be released. It was around this time the Kremlings voted that a powerful new cyborg would be their king. The cyborg's name was KAOS. The only problem was that he didn't exactly have a brain yet. Meanwhile, Swanky Kong, who has been living in his parents cabin since Crocodile Isle first blew up, moves out to the Northern Kremisphere to start his own tent »Sideshow« games.

November 1996 AD:
DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 3: DIXIE KONG'S DOUBLE TROUBLE!: Donkey and Diddy decide that they need a vacation after all they've been through. Since Funky has opened a boat shop in the Northern Kremisphere, they decide to go there and get free boat rides and the such. So they go, but one night they dissapear. Funky has no idea where they are, and meanwhile Dixie is worried since she hasn't heard from them. She decides to set off and find them. She gathers a group of animal buddies with her and she sets off to the Northern Kremisphere. When she arrives, she meets Wrinkly who has been waiting for her in one of Cranky's many cave vacation homes. She informs Dixie that Kremlings have suddenly appeared in the area. She introduced her new »Vid-Me-Whats-It-Machine« that can display adventure progress on a television screen and then tells Dixie to come back any time if she needs her progress saved. Then Dixie headed to the west of the cave to a shop run by a bear named Bazaar. Bazaar gave some information, but it was mainly just a plug for his store. After that, Dixie went into Funky's Rentals to the east of Wrinky's cave. Funky greeted her and then presented her cousin by adoption Kiddy Kong. Funky convinced Dixie that the toddler would help her on her quest to find DK and Diddy. Then he let them use his motorboat to make exploring the Northern Kremisphere either. He also told them to find parts around the Kremisphere so he could finish building new, more advanced watercraft. And so began Dixie and Kiddy's adventure. They searched out the land, defeating Kremlings and even had a run in with the Kremling king KAOS (who now had a brain). When they reached a castle called »Kastle KAOS,« they had another battle with the cyborg, and defeated him. Dixie and Kiddy found him once again and they had a climatic battle in his super secret submarine, the Knautilus. As usual, the Roolster lost, but he managed to escape. During their adventure, Dixie and Kiddy were freeing and finding all the Banana Birds that K. Rool has imprisoned. The Banana Birds were being kept at Wrinky's caves, and Wrinkly was gladly taking care of them. However, once they freed and found them all and beat K. Rool, they payed Wrinkly a visit. The Banana Birds suddenly carried Dixie and Kiddy off to the Queen Banana Bird, where they used their togetherness to break the spell and free the Queen. Meanwhile, K. Rool burst into Funky's Rentals and stole the hovercraft that Funky constructed over the course of the adventure. K. Rool thought he was going to make a clean getaway without the Kongs finding him, but he was dead wrong. Out of the sky the Queen Banana Bird swooped down (with Dixie and Kiddy riding her) and dropped a giant egg on K. Rool. Shortly afterwards this egg was sealed up and kept under the Queen Banana Bird's authority. K. Rool was believed to have been taken care of for all time. As for the rest of the Kremlings, they were all locked up in prison, including the now motionless king, KAOS.

February 1997 AD:
MARIO KART 64: In the Mushroom Dimension, where Mario and Luigi had been living for the past 12 or so years, a competition is brewing. Mario suggested a go-kart race sponsered by the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Family called the Mario Kart Grand Prix. The overall winner of the events would recieve a royal prize: the Power Trophy, an object that was highly sought after due to it's magical charms. Meanwhile, something disturbing was happening. The barrier between our dimension and the Musrhoom Dimension was breaking down, and the dimesnions were to collide. This occured early one morning, when residents of both dimensions saw the other on the horizon. If they were to continue to grow close to each other, it could have been a disaster of, well, dimensional proportions. However, Donkey Kong decided to go investigate. He ventured to the Mushroom Dimension and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom where he met up with enemy Mario and his brother Luigi. After a day of arguring, bickering, and shouting; DK managed to get into the contest to race for the Power Trophy. He decided the only thing to do was to use it's power to seperate the dimensions, and then stick it on a mantle somewhere in his treehouse. The other racers included, as previously established, Mario and Luigi plus Peach Toadstool (princess of the Mushroom Kingdom), Toad (a Mushroom Person with the occupation of Mushroom Retainer), Yoshi (Mario's dinosaurish pal who is the species of a.....Yoshi, native to Yoshi's Island in the Mushroom Dimension), Bowser Koopa (king of the evil Koopa Turtle Tribe, who apparently was let in this competition because Mario wanted the sweet feel of beating his enemy), and Wario (an elf apparently obessed with Mario, who was let in for the same reasons as Bowser...and DK for that matter). The racing was long and hard, but in the end DK won out. He recieved the Power Trophy, and now that his rivalry with Mario was even more bitter than before (it's easy to forget stuff from your childhood), he though it was good he was seperating the dimensions. He never expected to see Mario again....

March-September 1997 AD:
K. Rool, still trapped in the Queen Banana Bird's egg, decided to put his mad scientist knowledge to good use. He began to fiddle with his heli-backpack, trying to rework the almost too complex circuitry to find a way to escape or even teleport out. With nothing else to do to bide his days, he worked day and night to near exhaustion hoping to make a breakthrough... or breakout...

October 1997 AD:
DONKEY KONG LAND III: A radio station on DK Island announced a contest to find the fabeled Lost World in the land south of the Northern Kremisphere. A reward would be given to the first person(s) that found it. This contest got the interest of many people in DK Country. Donkey and Diddy were among them. They decided to head off together to find it, and split the reward fifty-fifty. However, they never bothered to ask Dixie to come along. This bothered her, and she felt that just because she was a girl they felt that she wouldn't be as productive. She figured that she would show up the two Kongs by getting Kiddy and looking for the Lost World herself. Meanwhile, in prison, the Kremlings had the same idea. They orchestrated a breakout (two Kobbles volunteered to be KAOS's brain) and then practically invaded the area of the contest. While all this was going on, K. Rool finally was able to make a semi-decent teleportation machine out of his heli-backpack, and escaped from the giant egg. As soon as he broke out he heard of the contest, and decided that it would be a good way for him to get back on his feet if he won the reward. So as the contest began, Dixie and Kiddy ran into Kremlings right away. Donkey and Diddy on the other hand didn't run into any. The two cousins faced many foes from their previous adevnture, and defeated KAOS once again. After that they ran into several more Kremlings, and then K. Rool himself. They battled, but K. Rool got away. As he got away, he accidently trigged a pipe to come up from a lake, and that pipe led to the Lost World. Dixie and Kiddy followed K. Rool down it and faced several more Kremlings who had raced in it. They fought K. Rool one last time at the end of the Lost World, and defeated him. He tried to get away, but they chased him all the way back to the start area of the contest. Thinking quick, K. Rool tossed six clocks at the young duo. Knowing that the clocks were mystical, and that a »time trial« would be activated if all 12 were put together (and Dixie and Kiddy found the other six during their adventure), he figured it was the perfect getaway plan. He was right. Dixie and Kiddy were occupied with the Time Trial, and K. Rool escaped into the lush jungles of Donkey Kong Island. Once they completed the Time Trials they recieved a trophy, and then they went and claimed their prize money for finding the Lost World (they split it, even though their parents ended up taking it....of course). This whole contest humbled Donkey and Diddy, and they no longer doubted the female gender. Meanwhile, K. Rool was free once again, and began a master plan that he knew would take awhile....

November 1997 AD:
DIDDY KONG RACING: On Tiger Island, Timber's parents decided to visit Diddy's parents over the holidays. They agreed that Timber was old enough to take care of the island while they were away. Timber saw this as a big oppurtunity to have a good time, but little did he know what terror awaited him and his homeland. While exploring, he accidently released the genie (and possible extraterrestrial) Wizpig from his lamp. Wizpig took over the island and carved his face into the mountainside, which knocked Taj's lamp out and released the genie. With Wizpig having a powerful grip over the island, Taj knew it would take more than mere magic to defeat him. He gathered Timber and Drumstick, who was the most accomplished racer on the island. They decided to have Drumstick go and challenge Wizpig to a race. If Drumstick won, Wizpig would have to relinquish control of the island. When Drumstick never came back from the race, Timber and Taj knew Wizpig must have done something to him. They then decided it was time to launch a full scale assualt on Wizpig and his appointed guardians (Tricky, Bluey, Bubbler, and Smokey). Timber decided to contact his old friend Diddy Kong for help. Since Diddy was regarded as a hero among the residents of the islands, he figured he would be a good start. He wrote him a letter and sent it by carrier pigeon to Donkey Kong Island. It told Diddy to not let ANYONE know what happened. When Diddy recieved the letter he was able to slip out unnoticed (with his parents tending to their guests), except for two people who caught him race off through the jungle towards the ocean. Those two people were Kremlings who managed to slip away when the Krems were hauled off to prison. One of them figured it didn't look good for the Krems if Diddy raced off in a hurry, and was worried he was off to launch an anti-Kremling plot. He secretly followed him. When everyone assembled on Tiger Island, the team looked like this: Timber, Diddy, Banjo Bear (who heard what was happening and decided to lend a claw), Conker (who also heard and thought it would make for an exciting adventure), Pipsy, Bumper the badger, Tiptup, Krunch (who told the others he was only there to help, even though secretly he was keeping an eye on them all), T.T., and of course Taj. Their plan was to race through the worlds Wizpig had imprisoned, collecting his Gold Balloons (that were planted by Wizpig as »spare keys« to his imprisoned racetracks) and unlocking closed areas until they were able to face the man himself (and so whatever happened to Drumstick wouldn't happen to them, they decided they couldn't just call Wizpig out right away). T.T. would train the racers in his Time Trials. He decided he would join the team only after they could beat his »ghost« (a prerecorded hologram of T.T.) on each track. And then they were off. They raced through the many terrians of Tiger's Island bravely. The guardians crumbled under their high speed vehicles until they finally had the chance to race Wizpig. Beforehand, they saw a frog with a red rooster comb on it's head. When run over with their vehicle, it was revealed to be Drumstick (alive and well, after being turned into a frog by Wizpig only to have the spell weakened after so many Gold Balloons were collected). Drumstick was now part of the team. They raced Wizpig and beat him, and though he was gone. They celebrated in a party, but Wizpig crashed it. He shot at the heroes with his spaceship and launched off on a faraway planet. Good thing the heroes discovered that Wizpig turned the island's lighthouse into a spare spacerocket. They shot off after him and raced him on the alien world, defeating him once again. The missile he used to race on spurt out of control, and he spun off into a nearby planet, apparently burning up in the atmosphere. The heroes went back and celebrated on the island, but Wizpig turned out to be just fooling them. He came back in his spaceship and the heroes had to launch a »second adventure« to defeat him again. Only this time, Wizpig used his magic to create a mirror effect on the racetracks. This adventure went pretty much the same way as the previous one did, and it again ended by Wizpig's missile malfunctioning and sending him to burn in the atmosphere. The heroes celebrated once AGAIN, but guess what? The »worm« wasn't dead. He flew back to Tiger's Island, but this time didn't make his presence known. He hid while the heroes celebrated and went their seperate ways. He decided he would remain in hiding until he found the perfect revenge plan, to defeat his foes once and for all.....

January-March 1998 AD:
Wizpig had left a rampage of destruction on Tiger Island. Many citizens houses were destroyed. So instead of rebuilding for fear that Wizpig may come back some day, the victim's decided to all immigrate to Donkey Kong Island or the Isle O' Hags where they could have a possibly better life. Among these immigrants were Tiptup, several dinosaurs, and two Red-Crested Breegulls who were expecting children soon. During the move, one of their eggs accidently fell out of their bag and they never noticed it. Tiptup and his family moved to an area called Bubble Gloop Swamp where he decided he wanted to start a choir (Bubble Gloop Swamp was an area that could be reached by going through a portal in Gruntilda's Lair). Meanwhile, Banjo Bear found the Breegull egg and decided to care for the bird when it hatched....

April 1998 AD:
Kazooie is hatched from her egg.

May 1998 AD:
K. Rool, still hiding in the jungles of Donkey Kong Island, hires a fox named Snide who immigrated from Tiger's Island to help him construct a superweapon that would be included on the project he was already working on....

June 1998 AD:
BANJO-KAZOOIE: Banjo's little sister Tooty keeps asking Banjo to take her on an »adventure.« To shut her up, Banjo says that he'll take her on one the next day. When morning arrives, Banjo was sound asleep. Meanwhile, Gruntilda asks her main cauldron Dingpot who the most prettiest of them all is. It was Dingpot's job to suck up to the hideous wench, but this morning he wasn't in the mood. He told her that the prettiest of them all was a young bear cub named Tooty. Outraged, Gruntilda knew she had to do something. Klungo was working on a machine that could suck the youthfullness and health from a person and give it to them (since they were getting more and more hideous as the years went by). Grunty decided it was time to put the machine to good use. She called her broomstick and flew off down into Spiral Mountain. Tooty was outside of Banjo's house talking to her good friend Bottles the mole. Suddenly Gruntilda swept down and grabbed Tooty. Bottles panicked as Kazooie heard the ruckuss outside. Kazooie got Banjo awake and they ran out. After talking to Bottles and hearing what happened, they knew they had to rescue her. First, Bottles had to train Banjo and Kazooie. Bottles was a skilled martial arts master and knew plenty of moves. They trained around Spiral Mountain for awhile, but Bottles decided he would have to keep training them throughout their adventure. Banjo and Kazooie then went up to the lair and went inside. What followed was a wild adventure going through an assortment of areas beyond portals. To reach these areas, they had to pick up Jiggies (golden puzzle pieces) and Musical Notes (gold shaped as music notes). These were left throughout the worlds and the lair by Gruntilda who needed a backup key to her locked areas in case she couldn't get in herself. After Banjo and Kazooie finished all the worlds (with the help of Mumbo Jumbo, the same shaman that tought Gruntilda, Klungo, and Brentilda; Bottles; and even Brentilda), B-K found themselves on a huge game board overlooking a pool of lava. Gruntilda had thrust the two into a big trivia gameshow. B-K used the knowledge they had gained throughout their adventure to proceed, and proceed they did. Gruntilda ran off, but they managed to rescue Tooty. They went back to Spiral Mountain to have a grillout/bear chugging party to celebrate, but Tooty herself ruined the celebration. She reminded them that Gruntilda got away, and they needed to stop her. Banjo and Kazooie then took off back up the lair. When they reached the top, they talked to Dingpot who shot them up to the roof. Up there was waiting Gruntilda, who gave them the fight of their lives. Gruntilda's broomstick even payed the ultimate sacrifice of death. Near the end of the battle, a large statue rose up. It wasn't a statue though. It was the Jinjonator, the ruler of the Jinjos (the Jinjos were a mystical tribe of creatures who were captured by Gruntilda, who didn't like them for being so happy and carefree, and rescued by Banjo and Kazooie during their adventure) stuck inside. B-K managed to free the Jinjonator who knocked Gruntilda off the rooftop. The blast also knocked a few chunks off the roof as well in the shape of large boulders. Gruntilda fell all the way to Sprial Mountain, and as she hit the ground and was pounded in, the boulder fell on the hole and trapped her. She was trapped with no way out. B-K then went with their friends to the beach area known as Treasure Trove Cove to relax and celebrate. One of the people to walk by was none other than Christine, the same girl (who was now a woman) that was presumed dead by the people on her cruise ship. As Banjo sipped his mug of beer, Mumbo Jumbo came up to him with three magical pictures. B-K wanted to see what was on the pictures, so Mumbo showed them. Incredibly, there were three mystical items in the areas of their adventure. Two huge eggs with a question mark on them, and a key made out of ice. When they asked what they did and how they got them, Mumbo said now was not the time nor the place but when the time came he would reveal all. This left Banjo and Kazooie with a feeling that this wouldn't be their last adventure after all. Meanwhile, Klungo tried frantically to remove the boulder but to no avail. Gruntilda would be trapped under there for a long time, and would have to use her black magic to stay alive........which ironically would do more harm then good to her body in the long run.........

August 1998 AD:
Tiptup finds a mate, and the two begin »making eggs« almost immediately.

November 1998 AD
Technicians in the Mushroom Dimension begin working on a warp pipe that can break the barrier of dimensions all together in Toad's birthplace of Mushroom Village.

February 1999 AD:
MARIO PARTY: A huge argument is occuring in the Mushroom Dimension between the racers that participated in Mario Kart. They were fighting over who was the best racer, hero, person, and/or most famous. Toad was the only one who was staying out of the scuffle. They knew they had to figure out a way to solve this argument by having another competition of sorts, but they had no idea what to do. Wario and Bowser, who went back to prison after the Mario Kart races (they were out only on a parole of sorts to compete in the races, and had to go back afterwards), had to participate in this contest too. So did Donkey Kong, who was in another dimension altogether. Good fortune smiled on the fighting group though, as Wario was released from prison for good behavior, and the warp pipe in Mushroom Village was completed. Mario went through it to Donkey Kong Island to ask DK to compete in the competition. DK reluctantly agreed (he wanted another chance to show up Mario and crew) and followed Mario back through the warp pipe. As the group gathered, they didn't realize what else was going on at the time. Bowser, who was furious that he didn't get to compete in the competition (since in his mind he was the best), broke out of prison and was set on ruining their little contest. Meanwhile; as DK, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Wario were fighting amongst themselves; Toad got an idea. He came up with the plans for a real life »board game,« complete with dice and everything. They would use real areas as »boardsand would find the perfect areas by going through the transdimensional warp pipe. And then they were off. The contest was grueling, with Bowser always finding a way to crash it. DK came out on top everytime (when one of the boards was on DK Island, he even discovered an odd treasure of golden bananas....), but as the contest continued it started to change shape. It was suddenly no longer about beating each other. It slowly had morphed into an adventure to defeat Bowser. The six hadn't realized it, but they were working together. The adventure ended on a spacestation of sorts built by Bowser. Bowser and one of kids (a »Baby Bowser«) were pounded by a star and sent flying into space (in a protective magical artificial atmosphere bubble of course). There was really no winner of the contest (even though DK kicked major »booty« in all of the boards), and Toad decided that they were all the superstar. As DK headed back to the warp pipe, he was confronted by Mario. The two enemies standed face to face, realizing that they had just teamed up to beat a common enemy. They cautiously shook each others hand, and had developed a careful mutual respect towards each other. As DK headed back, his mind raced with a new opinion on Mario. He still couldn't forgive him for what he did to Cranky years ago, but somehow he could never look at him in just that way again.....

March 1999 AD:
DK goes back to the area where he found the golden bananas and finds MUCH more. Collecting them all, he suddenly realizes he has a second hoard (only this one is much more valuable). He decides to stash them high in a cave behind a waterfall (so it would be harder for crooks to steal them) and to build a »watchhouse« in a tree nearby so he can guard them a few days out of the week (or whenever).

April 1999 AD:
SUPER SMASH BROS.: Master Hand, a giant mystical glove shaped creature who lived in the Mushroom Kingdom, launched a somewhat sinister plot. He was obsessed with finding out what happened if you pitted some of the greatest heroes of the past, present, and future against each other. So using his Chest of Time (a chest that was a portal between time and space, something he built using his vast mystical/magical knowledge), he pulled together his selection of heroes that were to fight each other in the ultimate fighting tournament. The fighters: Donkey Kong, Mario, Yoshi, Link (an elfin/dwarf from the Middle Ages), Samus Aran (a galactic bounty hounter from the future), Kirby (an unknown creature from present day Dream Land [which is another dimension that's said to be where are minds travel as we sleep]), Fox McCloud (a freelance talking fox of a pilot for the team of galactic do-gooders named Star Fox [from around 45 years in the past]), Pikachu (a »Pokemon« [creatures from modern day Asia used for oddly sanctioned events that pit the creatures against each other for money, much like cockfighting in other parts of the world] owned by a »heroic« breeder by the name of Ash); and the late entries of Luigi, Captain Falcon (an F-Zero racer from the future), Jigglypuff (another Pokemon), and Ness (a psychic boy from modern times). The fighting was brutal; with weapons, zany moves, time traveling, dimensional hopping, and no plumbing provided by Master Hand. Of course, it was DK who won the tournament (haven't you been paying attention yet?). He zonked Mario, slammed Luigi, crunched Yoshi, pounded Samus, zirped Kirby, slapped Fox, grinded Pikachu, smacked Falcon, chewed Jigglypuff, and woggled Ness (plus terminated in a not very deadly way his clone created by Master Hand, Giant Donkey Kong). In the final showdown with the MH, DK won and Master Hand's artificial dimension he created for the battleground collapsed on him. The fighters escaped and went to their homes, and Master Hand was apparently no more.

June 1999 AD:
CONKER'S POCKET TALES: It's Conker's birthday party, and Berri is the one who threw it. However, there is a small problem....namely an insane Acorn Person fan of Berri's named Evil Acorn (probably just a nickname though). Evil Acorn is so obsessed with Berri that he kidnaps her and steals all of Conker's presents and invites. Conker takes off across a portion of Willow Woods and through portal doors to retrieve the presents and rescue Berri. He has help from the Forest Guardian and the Forest Wong (two Acorn People). He does rescue Berri, and a bomb goes off in the caves under Conker's home, but the Evil Acorn wasn't done yet. Berri threw Conker another party to fix the one that was ruined, but EA crashed that one too. Conker had to get his tail out there to rescue his celebrity friend once again. He did too (again), and a bomb went off in the caves under Conker's home (again), only this time the explosion knocked EA into the sky and practically blew him halfway across the world. His final words before becoming a dot on the atlas were, »I'll get you squirrel

August 1999 AD:
MARIO GOLF (Nintendo 64): In the Mushroom Dimension, Mario and pals are planning a golf tournament. They decide they want it to be huge, so they invite nearly EVERYBODY they can think of. That includes DK, all the Mushroom Dimension folk, and even people like Link (using Master Hand's abandoned Chest of Time). Meanwhile, Bowser and his main Baby Bowser cohort are spying and planning on competing within the contest in an attempt to get their rivals. However, DK is proven just too tough to beat by walloping the competition (when will they learn that they can't beat the feces flinging, fly chewing, nude hairy beast?). Bowser is beaten once again and goes back to jail.

October 1999 AD:
MARIO GOLF (Game Boy Color): Four individuals (Joe, Kid, Azalea, and Sherry) who live in the Mushroom Dimension enroll at Marion Club, where they hope to improve their golfing skill and maybe even become the so-called »grand champ« of golf. The grand champ has the honor of meeting the man who brought golf to the Mushroom Dimension (and therefore is considered to be the »golf master«), Mario. After winning championship after championship from each of the four main country clubs (Marion, Palm, Dune, and then Links), one of the students did become champ by beating Gene Yuss in a tournament. That person got to go to one of Peach's castles where Mario was waiting. He invited some friends, including Donkey Kong. However, Bowser escaped from prison once again and decided to show up. The grand champ student and Mario's group had a tournament, where the grand champ won. The grand champ was the first from the various country clubs to have beaten Mario, which was the dream of all the golfers. The Director, Caddie Master, and Pro of the Marion Club had a conference with the grand champ, saying that since it was the dream of all the golfers to beat Mario; it would destroy the game of golf if it got out too quickly that someone had done it. They promised that person they would reveal, but let it leak out slowly. Before that person's golfing »adventure« was over though and they returned home, they defeated Wario (who didn't bother to participate in the big tournament with Mario) in a Match Game.

November 1999 AD:
Donkey returns home from his golfing journey via the warp pipe in Mushroom Village to find that Wrinkly Kong is very ill. A few days go by, and she sadly passes away. Family and friends gather at her funeral, where she is layed to rest...

DONKEY KONG 64: K. Rool and his companion Snide completed their work on their project, which is a mechanical monstrosity: a new movable Crocodile Isle, complete with Snide's »Blast-O-Matic Cannon« that has enough power to destroy Donkey Kong Island. Afterwards, K. Rool turned on Snide, sending the genius packing. The first part of K. Rool's plan involved breaking the jailed Kremlings out of prison, and showing them the new Kremling island as a peace offering for the destruction of their original homeland, which the Kremling army largely held K. Rool responsible for. The Kremlings, overjoyed with K. Rool's efforts (and realizing that KAOS as king wasn't getting them out of their depression they had been in since late 1995), voted him as their king once again. The second part of K. Rool's plan was to devastate the citizens of Donkey Kong Island by sending the enormous K. Lumsy out to cause mayhem and destruction, before completly destroying everything the next morning with the Blast-O-Matic. However, K. Rool didn't count on K. Lumsy having a heart. The giant Kremling didn't want to hurt innocent creatures, which enraged the newly reinstated king. He locked him up in a giant cage inside a cave floating off the coast of DK Island, which was so large it required seven keys to open (K. Rool gave the keys to some of his best henchmen in the Kremling Army, as he also split up the blueprints for the Blast-O-Matic into 40 pieces and gave to the Kremlings known as Kasplats for security reasons). K. Rool set the mechanical Crocodile Isle out to sea, deciding to just wipe out Donkey Kong Island in the morning in a non-poetic fashion. As morning came, and K. Rool still slept, two Kritters were barking orders at the Klap-Trap steering the giant vessel. Telling him to »leftthen telling him to go »rightand so on; it was too much for the Klap-Trap and the new Crocodile Isle to handle. It hit a rock sticking up from the ocean, rendering the island motionless. Meanwhile, the Kremling technicians for the Blast-O-Matic were also having problems, as the giant cannon was having technical difficulties. If they decided to fire it up, it could backfire and destroy them all. With the new Crocodile Isle sitting helpless right in front of Donkey Kong Island, the Kremlings decided to move into action. They captured Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Chunky Kong (who was visiting the Kongo Jungle that day), and also captured an innocent bystander by the name of Lanky Kong and placed them all in holding cells, to be seperated in different locations later on. The reasoning behind this was they figured it would give the other Kongs enough of a distraction so they could get the Blast-O-Matic up and running again. Not satisfied with just that (after being beaten so many times, they weren't going to rest on their laurels), they also stole Donkey Kong's Gold Banana Hoard (he was just nearing his watchhouse before they did it, and he didn't catch them) and put bars around the exit of the jungle grove where DK and the watchhouse were, trapping him. King K. Rool called a meeting later in the day and instructed the Kremlings to take care of the Kongs, but they proudly told him that they already took care of business. It was the parrot Squawks who informed Donkey of what went down, and the gorilla set off for his biggest adventure yet. After going through Cranky's »training,« he earned himself a potion from his father that would let him pound the switch that would open the bars trapping him. DK was then free, able to combat the Kremlings. One of the first things that happened was he ran across K. Lumsy, and promised to help free the giant Kremling from his cage. During the course of the adventure; DK recieved help from Cranky Kong (who offered potions that granted the Kongs new abilities [for some Banana Coins]), Funky Kong (who, now a wealthy tycoon, was interested in artillery and war strategies and was willing to sell his shooters and upgrades for Banana Coins [after all, making his weapons didn't come cheap]...Funky also developed Bananaports, which enabeled the Kongs to go from one place to another in an insant by standing on teleport pads), Candy Kong (who developed supercharged musical instruments that could knock out a Kremling with their finely tuned frequencies [this, too, costed Banana Coins]...Candy also developed portable save units that let the Kongs save anywhere and not have to worry about reaching a save point), Wrinkly Kong (who was able to communicate with the Kongs via doors that when open could make communication with the afterlife...Wrinkly gave out advice to the Kongs using her spiritual wisdom), Snide (who would give a Gold Banana he found for each blueprint you retrieved from a Kasplat); and animal buddies Rambi, Enguarde, Squawks, and newcomer Glower. Donkey wasn't alone for long though on the forefront of battle; as he found and rescued Lanky Kong (who rescued Chunky Kong) and Diddy Kong (who rescued Tiny Kong). Along the way they ran into mystical Banana Fairies, the guardians of the banana plants on Donkey Kong Island. The Banana Fairies had run away in fright from the Banana Fairy Princess after the loud crash the new Crocodile Isle had caused. After Tiny had a meeting with the Banana Fairy Princess, they recieved a Banana Cam, which could be used to capture the Banana Fairies on film (literally) and bring them home. Meanwhile, the adventure raged on, and K. Rool become increasingly frustrated with the Kongs' progress and the lack of it on his part in trying to stop them and get the Blast-O-Matic fixed at the same time. Eventually the Kongs retrieved all of Snide's blueprints, and with the help of K. Lumsy's jumping for joy everytime they had obtained a key for his cage the mouth of the new Crocodile Isle opened, letting the Kongs enter and have a direct run towards K. Rool's chambers. However, K. Rool told the Kremlings to fire up the Blast-O-Matic, even if it meant killing them all. Snide, with the collected blueprints, was able to build a device that sent a signal out to the Blast-O-Matic, giving it a 40 minute delay. That gave the Kongs enough time to shut down the electricity beams powering the machine, saving Donkey Kong Island. K. Rool decided to retreat in his personal heli-vessel, a successor to the Flying Crock. Getting the last key near K. Rool's chamber needed for K. Lumsy's cage, the Kongs headed out and unlocked the giant lumbering beast. Meanwhile, the heli-vessel with K. Rool and several Kremlings took off. Now free, K. Lumsy was so overjoyed he started to prance around, but saw the heli-vessel as a butterfly of sorts. Chasing it playfully, he accidently tripped over a rock and knocked K. Rool and crew to the ground. This let the Kongs jump in and confront K. Rool...but what they didn't realize was there was a boxing arena set up. K. Rool came from the rafters on a chain, dressed in a giant body enhancing robotic suit. All five Kongs participated in several rounds of boxing, and it had gotten to a point where K. Rool was just being knocked around silly, but the crooked judges kept the fight going. Cranky was also giving moral support to the Kongs at ringside. After Chunky delivered an incredible blow to K. Rool, he posed in victory. However, K. Rool snuck up behind him and was ready to strike...until Candy Kong entered the arena. Since the Kremlings have been known to be....bi-species-sexual....Candy caught the eye of Rool. Sliding around in many the seductive pose, it enabled Funky Kong to sneak up from behind with a boot in a gun and shoot K. Rool in the arse. He went flying out of the arena into the ocean, where he was bounced even further into the horizon by a group of seals. The Kremlings were defeated, and sent to jail (all but K. Rool, who was missing at sea...but very well alive). The new Crocodile Isle was also dismantled and put in the prison warehouse. The Gold Bananas were returned, and the Kongs were succesful once again. The large K. Lumsy now takes residence in the ocean right off the coast of Donkey Kong Island.

January 2000 AD:
MARIO PARTY 2: Mario invites Donkey Kong back to the Mushroom Dimension to help participate in a project involving himself, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Wario. The project, the building of a world based off their dreams where people could come and enjoy themselves, would be difficult. However, using various forms of magic would quickly speed up the process of building this artificial world. A problem arose when completed though, and that was they couldn't decide what to name it. It went by Mario Land, but Wario didn't care for such a name. This created a debate between the group over who they would name it after. Even Peach got into the scuffle. As the fussing and the feuding went on, Bowser invaded. The six didn't seem to care though, as their pride was more important than Bowser wrecking the land that they built. Finally, Toad came to a solution. Why not do a »board game« competition once again, only this time the winner and the one who defeated Bowser would get the land named after them. They accepted, and went off on a wild adventure through the many areas of »Mario« Land. Pirate Land, Western Land, Space Land, Mystery Land, Horror Land, and finally Bowser Land (an area on the far side of the artificial planet that Bowser built) were on their whirlwind board game quest. It's safe to say that DK kicked major booty once again, but this time the board game competition was more unified than before. While they were still competiting for the rights to the name of the land, they quickly put that on the backburner to try and defeat Bowser. Even from the added help of the main Baby Bowser through the majority of the quest, Bowser couldn't prevail. He was knocked silly, with an apparent concussion, at the end of play in Bowser Land. Just as it looked like the king of Koopas was going to prison...Toad finished narrating. A curtain closed and then the cast of the play took their bows, including Bowser. As it turns out, there was no heat between anybody for the name of the artificial planet. They had settled on Mario Land near the very beginning of building, and had decided that they should put on a play as an event during the Grand Opening of Mario Land to attract people to come. After all, what would attract the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and throughout the dimension than seeing a live performance by the famous Mario, his friends, and even his enemies? The play wasn't entirely scripted of course, as they actually had a competition. Bowser even got involved in it after being approached to do it, with the promise that it wasn't a trap and they would let him keep any coins that he could manage to steal. After the play festivities ended, the actors went their individual ways, all knowing that Bowser would return to attempt to destroy them once again, and that their amazing ability to get along with him was a rare occurance.

August 2000 AD:
Wario, whose relationship with Mario had softened over the course of the previous few years, decides that he needs to focus once again on wiping him out. He enlists the help of his brother, who renames himself Waluigi, to aid him on his quest to not only destroy Mario, but the Mario Brothers as a contingent.

MARIO TENNIS (Nintendo 64): Because sporting competitions featuring celebrities like Mario are always huge successes in the Mushroom Dimension, they decide to launch a tennis tournament. Many faces from past competitions are invited, including Donkey Kong, but there were newer (like Princess Daisy) and excluded ones as well (Wario and Bowser). However, before the actual tournament(s) begins, Wario and Waluigi crash the party and enlist themselves, as do Bowser and Big Boo. When Mario once again invites the baby version of himself to play thanks to the Chest of Time, Donkey gets an idea. He pulls the toddler version of himself from the past as well, only months removed from when he originally battled Mario. Throughout the tournament, many champions are crowned. In the end, nothing really major or earth shattering is accomplished except Waluigi revealing himself to the gang, and DK and his younger version teaming up (DK Jr. eventually forgot the happenings of the tennis tournament with age, so it didn't effect the time space continium in any way).

September 2000 AD:
Tooty Bear, little sister of Banjo, goes missing.

November 2000 AD:
BANJO-TOOIE: Gruntilda had been underneath the giant boulder for more than two years. She was growing weary, and her body was decaying quickly thanks to the use of the black magic to keep her alive for all that time. However, Gruntilda's evil sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda, sensed that all was not well with their sis. They knew of her predicament by »seeing« it with their black magic, and so they decided to rescue her. Building a machine called the B.O.B. (Big O' Blaster) with the ability to suck the life force out of an object, store it, and then transfer it to something else, they decided to free Grunty from her prison in the ground, and then give her a life force shower to replenish her withered body. It was a dark and stormy night when they tunneled their way from near their lair to Spiral Mountain in the Hag 1, a mechanical digger. They chose this method instead of flying on brooms because it would have been hard to drag a weak Grunty back with them that way. Klungo was there, still trying to free his »mistress« by pushing the boulder. Meanwhile, Banjo, Kazooie, Bottles, and Mumbo were all playing cards at Banjo and Kazooie's house, when they heard the noise of the Hag 1 coming up from underground and into Spiral Mountain. Mumbo decided to go check it out, while Kazooie cheated at the card game. When the shaman arrived near the site where the Hag 1 had dug out from underground, he watched in horror as Mingella and Blobbelda casted a spell to destroy the rock, freeing the evil Gruntilda (who was now nothing but a living skeleton with eyes, a nose, and hair). Unfortunately for Mumbo, he was spotted by the Satanic group, and he quickly raced back to the house while dodging balls of energy courtesy of Gruntilda. As he burst inside, he quickly warned the gang to get out of the house, because Gruntilda had escaped and was right outside, getting ready to send a spell their way. Everyone listened except Bottles, who was figured it was just another chance for somebody to cheat. As the other three made it out in the nick of time, a giant energy ball was sent crashing into Banjo's house, going through the open door, and blowing it up for the inside out. The force from the blast knocked Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo unconscious. Gruntilda and her sisters headed into the Hag 1, instructing Klungo to stay behind and make sure Banjo and company didn't get out of Spiral Mountain. They also realized several demons and pterodactyls to trash Spiral Mountain, and seal off Grunty's Lair. As night turned into morning, the three that escaped the house woke up from their daze. After recollecting what happened, a charred Bottles stumbled out of the house. He stood among the heroes for a few seconds, before falling over dead. His spirit rose out of his body, and decided to remain next to it. The trio knew they had to go after Gruntilda and her sisters to avenge their friend's death, and Mumbo told the bear and bird that he'd catch up with them later in their adventure. Banjo and Kazooie then headed off on their quest. When they reached the digger tunnel created by the Hag 1, the had to battle with Klungo, and after beating him senseless, he ran off, and they continued their journey. They met up with Sergeant Jamjars of the Mole Military (one division of the armed services in »Donkey Kong Country«), Bottles brother, who lived in Jinjo Village (as well as Bottles' family), and who had built silos and hatches all throughout the land (the silos enabled passengers to easily shortcut to certain points on the island without walking, and the hatches were his own personal tunnels). Jamjars would go on to teach Banjo and Kazooie several new abilities and moves throughout their adventure, much the same way Bottles did. They then met up with King Jingaling, ruler of the Jinjos, but he was soon killed by having the life force sucked out of him by the B.O.B., and his restless soul stayed in his body, making him a zombie. They also met Bottles' family (his wife and two kids), making sure not to mention Bottles' unfortunate demise, Master Jiggywiggy (a mysterious religious figure of a mysterious race that created the jiggy puzzle pieces in his likeness; Jiggywiggy would help out the bear and bird by opening up sealed entrances for them if they found enough jiggies to be deemed worthy enough), Heggy (an odd bird who had a fascination with the mysterious question mark eggs Mumbo showed Banjo and Kazooie at the end of their first adventure; she already had found a yellow one, and stored it in her giant egg hut), Humba Wumba (a Native American who practices a spirtual form of magic in tune with nature, and lets you transform into creatures and objects with the help of a magical pool and creatures known as Glowbos), and Honey B (a Zubba with a kind heart that supplied our heroes with extra honeycomb energy). They also met up with Cheato once more in the entrance to Gruntilda's Lair (the rest was sealed off). Some of Cheato's pages were ripped out by the evil forces that had wrecked Spiral Mountain, and the spell book asked Banjo and Kazooie to find his missing pages, in exchange for cheats. During their adventure, they met up with some new faces (Captain Blackeye and Big Al, for example) and some old faces (Tiptup, along with the new face of his 20th kid, Tiptup Jr.). Mumbo played a more active role this time around, actually doing some adventuring as well, wherever certain magical deeds needed done. Since Humba Wumba (who regards Mumbo as a hack, by the way) took care of the transformations, Mumbo could concentrate on unlocking gates and other neccesary tasks. One thing that sidetracked the gang during this adventure was finding magical »carts« that teleported items such as the Ice Key and question mark eggs seen in their previous adventure from their original locations to where the cartridge was after it got smashed. The mystical objects unlocked such things as the Mega Glowbo (the Ice Key) and new moves and abilities (the question mark eggs). Going through the many locales of the Isle O' Hags, like Grunty Industries and the magical, quirky land in the sky that the witches created, Cloud Cuckooland, Banjo-Kazooie finally reached Cauldron Keep, where the duo met a series of challenges. First they fought Klungo for a third time (they had fought him again in the middle of the quest), and after being beaten to a pulp by Banjo and Kazooie again (and not wanting to face another harsh beating from Gruntilda for failing), Klungo reevaluated his position as Gruntilda's right hand man. He finally realized that Gruntilda never really cared about him, while he was willing to help her at any cost. Klungo quit, leaving Cauldron Keep and Gruntilda behind him (apparently he left a wife behind when he began his travels with Grunty and Brentilda, and vowed to return to her). The second task B-K faced was a quiz game similar to the one they played during their first adventure against Gruntilda, but this time set up in a more »Jeopardy!« style formula. The Tower of Tragedy Quiz featured Banjo and Kazooie against Mingella and Blobbelda, trying to answer several questions concerning the adventure. The dangerous part of this quiz was that there were one ton weights above the heads of each contestant, and that if you got eliminated, you lost your life. Gruntilda, showing that she truly cares about nobody, ended up dropping the weights on her sisters after Banjo and Kazooie won, and took off on her rocket podium. Banjo and Kazooie took off in hot pursuit, and one again ended up on a rooftop for a final battle with the wicked witch. However, before they did that, they came across the B.O.B. and its controls. They took the store life force energy and blew it into the lifeless body of Bottles (restoring his life) and the zombified throne room of King Jingaling (doing the same). They met up with Grunty's cauldron Dingpot again, and he replenished their supplies. Then they took off for the roof, where Grunty was waiting in the Hag 1. A huge battle ensued, and Gruntilda throwed even more tricks and traps at them then before. Bear and bird prevailed though, and the Hag 1 was destroyed, crushing Gruntilda's body, and destroying it. All that remained was the living head, which they left on the roof, since she couldn't possibly move, and had nobody to help her. As Banjo, Kazooie, Mumbo, Humba, and Jamjars got back to Bottles' house, they found a congratulatory part waiting for them. However, the party had already finished, with Bottles and even Klungo asleep. Since there was no food left, they decided to head back up to the roof, where they played a round of kickball with Grunty's head. While she was nothing but a head with no Klungo or living sisters (that we know of) willing to help her, she still vowed revenge as she got kicked from one foot to another...

DONKEY KONG COUNTRY (Game Boy Color): King K. Rool, who had been off at sea living on rocks for the past year, spotted a familiar looking ship one day. It was the Gangplank Galleon, still sailing the ocean with the pirate Kremlings that left after the original Crocodile Isle sank the second time. K. Rool flagged them down, and the band of saltwater-loving Krems let him on board. He explained to them what happened ever since the Kremling Army split, and that he was now king once more. Begging for their forgiveness, K. Rool wanted to reconcile, and combine all the scattered members of the Kremling Army together once more, since he believed strength was in numbers. Time must have healed wounds, because the pirate Kremlings agreed. They then set forth on reuniting every scattered Kremling or Kremling Army member, whether they be living in Click Clock Wood (Very Gnawty), somewhere in the Kongo Jungle (Krunch), or prison (many of the DK64 Krems). After reuniting/breaking baddies out of jail, they set forth on a plan. They decided it could be a fresh start with the Krems finally reunited after all these years, so they'd go back to the beginning when their feud with the Kongs started. They'd steal Donkey Kong's Banana Hoard again, and station baddies all over Donkey Kong Island, with the same bosses (Very Gnawty, Master Necky, Queen B., etc.) in the same locations as before, and everything. The only difference would be, if the Kongs were able to succeed in defeating K. Rool once again, Kremlings would quicky move in to get the unconscious K. Rool away from the Kongs, and then steal the Banana Hoard again. Then they would place a patented curse on the Kongs, one that took away their Continue Barrels (or »Star Barrels«), and one that would still incorporate the previous DK Barrel curse, but take away the DK Barrels, meaning there would only be a team at the start of each »stage,« and if one of the team mates got hit, the other one would be by himself until he reached the next area. They decided to use the curses individually, in case K. Rool and the Kremlings failed twice, with the general idea being to wear the Kongs out. When they did steal the Hoard once again, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong were right back on the case like in 1994. Rambi, Enguarde, Winky, Expresso, and Squawks all helped out. Cranky gave advice in his cabins. Funky manned his Funky Flight's buildings, to give the Kongs easy mobility throughout the island. Candy's saving services weren't needed like they were six years ago, since the Kongs had the automatic saving ability that was introduced in their adventure the previous year. So instead, Candy changed her saving tents to »Challenge Shacks,« quick little training centers to keep the two sharp. The adventure then began. Along the way, Cranky instructed them that the Kremlings were also stationed on some of the small islands off the shoreline, and Donkey took his coconut gun from DK64 to take care of the problems there. Donkey also reduced the number of Kremling Army fish by taking Enguarde and Funky's fishing boat off the shore and doing a little angling. All in all, in the end, the reunited Kremling Army failed, and they were all finally locked up. The downside? They were reunited, meaning they were stronger than ever before, and all in the same location, plotting dastardly strikes against the Kongs for the future...

January 2001 AD:
MARIO TENNIS (Game Boy Color): It's the beginning of a new semester at the Royal Tennis Academy in the Mushroom Dimension, an institute that was started by a former king and had been around for years. (Tennis was one sport Mario didn't introduce to the Mushroom Dimension, although they still thought of him as a master at the sport, since he had reached legend status with everything else he did.) Two new students, Alex and Nina, joined at this time and were partnered with senior members Harry and Kate for doubles partners. As they began their training and started to climb the ranks at the Academy, the annual Island Open was on the verge of starting, where the Academy's Traveling Team went head to head in a giant tournament with the other tennis schools of the Mushroom Dimension: Union, Empire, and Factory. It was the goal of both Alex and Nina to make the Traveling Team before The Island Open occured. It wasn't an even task, because they both joined halfway into the school year, and were behind virtually everone else at the Academy. But through taking tips from fellow students at Academy locales such as The Service Ace restaurant, training with coaches, and building their strength and skills, one of them finally made the Traveling Team, right before The Island Open began. They beat the other three tennis schools, in both singles and doubles (with their doubles partner), and put the Academy on top. Mario was so impressed with the winner of The Island Open that he sent an invitation to them to come to a magical little getaway he had in the skies called Mario World, where from there they would go to a court located at Peach's castle and participate in a match. He also invited others that had participated in the giant tennis tournament months earlier to witness the tennis match, as a special treat for the Island Open victor. Donkey Kong, being the swell guy that he is, decided he had nothing better to do at the time and went to witness it. It turned out Mario, the legend of tennis in the Mushroom Dimension (even held up to a high standard by Bowser and Wario, who showed up because they wanted to see the great Mario lose, even though he lost plenty of times in the tournament months earlier), couldn't hold a candle to the tennis prodigy, in singles as well as doubles (with their doubles partner). After being beaten, he gave a medal to the winner, forever showcasing their win over Mario. This was more of a weekend vacation for Donkey than anything else.

Donkey Kong's Jungle Vine is not affiliated with Nintendo, Rareware, Microsoft, Hudson Soft, HAL, Camelot, or MOONMAN Enterprises. Some storyline liberties have been taken, but none which contradict the scenarios set by the games. 2002-2003 Original content http://www.dkvine.com. 1999-2002 Original content File Two Productions

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