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on May 11th 2006, 12:40:32, Emma Example wrote the following about


NDP demonstration Harburg at the 5.Mai 06
of Harburger Punk – 09.05.2006 17:46

At the 5.Mai it was times again so far in Harburg. The NPD made itself broad under the guidance of Christian Worch.
On Friday times again Nazis under the guidance of the NPD met the 5.Mai in Harburg, in order to demonstrate against police arbitrariness. Starting point was some days ago before under protest held info. conditions in the Seevepassage before market purchase, with which 2 participants on sides of the Nazis were by force removed. Natural participated this time numerous counterdemonstrants again, who let themselves be floated from the police crosswise by Harburg. Also comprehensible of place references were not expressed, but one knows. But except a water thrower employment in the Asbeckstrasse left the evening quite force-free. Enclosed still another small picture row.

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