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on Oct 25th 2015, 04:21:25, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


What do you mean I am front page news I know everyone knows me I told you I have lost you won I can't keep playing this game anymore what do you want to kill me stop being a coward and do it I would never hurt you or kill you in anyway please act like the adult you are and come and talk to me not plot how you are going to hurt me on the Internet or in public with everyone getting involved in your plan I promised you I wouldn't call the police but please can we just work together and get all of this solved this is causing me pain whatever I said to you I am sorry but please I am begging you to come and talk to me if you hate me that's alright but this has been going on long enough please come and talk to me and if you would like to kill me do it stop waiting to write something else on the Internet behind my name I hope to see you soon and we talk about this as well as the mistakes I have made from AD the freak

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