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Rudie wrote on Apr 12th 2000, 23:20:18 about


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Her brain had gone with a smile so sweet it was easy to forget that five minutes later, she would be repeating the same words as now and would remember only long-gone pasts and distances.

It's a funny sort of day today, isn't it?

morning glory wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 13:53:08 about


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new is a brown word and although i know it signifies freshness, the word itself has the sensation of a fallen autumn leaf. i'm describing synaesthesia, of course, which means that this impression is a personal one.

whatevernext96 wrote on Jan 1st 2002, 18:06:24 about


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We shall only know we have come across something truly new when we absolutely fail to recognise it....

steve wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 00:41:40 about


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In the pantry at my grandmother's house, I saw a 25-year old box of Bisquick (I kid you not) and on the front of the box was a big starburst with the words »NEW! 25% moreIt still claims to be new, but I happen to know different.
My question: Is this what they mean by »Everything old is new again
My answer: I sure as hell wouldn't eat any biscuits made from it.

Xanadu wrote on Apr 2nd 2002, 01:22:50 about


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Something new won't happen by itself. If left undecided, incidents will only get worse. It's you who runs your life. Step into it.

jassee wrote on Sep 8th 2000, 02:13:42 about


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Ever think about the phrase »new and improved?« Isn't it an admission that heretofore they haven't been giving us their best?

Instead of being happy with the better product, shouldn't we feel disserved by the manufacturer for having sold us something inferior before?

chad felton wrote on Apr 12th 2001, 16:50:24 about


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New expectations meet the humbled. Meet my expecting wife anew. She has the expectation of easily bringing new triplets into the world. Though she was proud, she will be humbled when the new members of our family arrive. There will be many new responsibilites.

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