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on Apr 3rd 2001, 02:54:28, nOvJuL wrote the following about


Hey the show ain't over
till the fat lady sings
been searchin' all my life
for my angel wings
well I'm not so young
and I'm not so thin
but something's happening deep within

and it ain't over

If you get what you pay for
then who should I play for?

The left arm just ain't strong enough
to do the right one in
which hand will rule the day?
which side is gonna win?
the right eye shines with brilliance
the left one cries and weeps
you wanna give up your guitar fingers
you better be willing to play for keeps

and it aint' over

more than once and less than five
just not cut out to take that dive

and it ain't over

It ain't over till it's over
we'll be rolling through the clover
through the mud and through the stars
through the fields and towns and bars
some times fat and some times thin
sometimes out and sometime in

and it ain't over
this show ain't over

Alive and singin' while I'm dyin'
though it's not for lack of tryin'

and it ain't over

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