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on Jan 31st 2023, 04:56:00, schmidt wrote the following about


many of past days half of the world think of long time ago mass murdering at war at innocent people. i want to remember those many very little disabeled searchin all life corporal equilibriumk, lost before, during or short after birth, due to false medicine or unapropriate baby-handling of totally unexperiences parents, also ideology plays an role. very often those man and woman are searching their hole life for something they couldn‘t name exactly. It is the loss of their natural corporal equilibrium. This is not related to class or income or intelligence. The poorest boy in a slum can have perfect eqilibrium and the Millionaire never find it nor can name it. Some, many, have it and know nothing other than to be in equilibrium and can never imagine how others miss it. All the world speak about it, offers many possibilities to achive it, with making some sport you can strengten your muscles and have the illusion that your weight is light and that you are in perfect equilibrium, but it is false. Once your muscles didnt work so good, you will remain in an unequilibried state. This so punished people dindn‘t have anything, would say an health-doctor, they are just unmotivated. Nobody seems to remark, that those people live very often all the long of their live in an state of „minimal lifewithout very happy days and intelligent ones of them search with all their possibility of invention to come out of this unequilibrium, with bondage for example. This can relieve for very precious moments. To interprete these attemps to achive just for a time a better corporal feeling as sexual pervert is a misunderstanding, but biensur, bondage can have to do with penis or vagina, this are parts of human bodies an have part in the equilibrium of the human body.

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