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on Feb 17th 2004, 21:59:21, Hoeflic wrote the following about


I was just the other day talking to that funny old man, who would take me by the hand, and, by looking straight into my eyes, as if he intended to find something there, but alas, nothing, as i said, by looking straight into the, well, my eyes really, he would come up with some shit like »rock and roll will never die«, or »i hate the merry, merry men« or some sort of, and i just shook his hands of and said, yeah right, i love you nevertheless, and i will not so much later than thou be dead and buried, yet, i feel thou not, tis as if you would speak into the void of my eyes, as you notice, i am young and you are old, soon i will be old, and you will be dead, and so on. He made a, well, funny sort of, i liked, the gesture, he was like shrugging. Man!
Gimmie dat shit.

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