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on Oct 28th 2015, 09:54:07, Carolyn Stewart wrote the following about


You know I don't hate all of you but what you said on this blog about me that you made up really hurt me I forgive all of you but this will take time to get over some of you like my mother that's fine you don't have to talk or even come close to me and you don't have to post comments about me behind my back I don't post any about you why would I do that thankyou to the other people who said nice things behind my back that made me happy you can come and talk to me you don't have to be a friend but seeing some lovely comments from people I have realized some people do care all the others you can stay away from me and I am sorry I am an idiot freak retard who can't understand anything don't worry police will not be involved I even forgive you Elfboi but know who you are be careful I know you will laugh and still spread rumors on this website everyone knows this by now I don't consider anyone to be stupid and yet you make fun of me their is a simple way to solve this keep away from me if you don't like me I don't want to kill hurt or make fun of anyone

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