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We had a day off from our disaster work and drove down to Dauphin Island, Alabama to spend a few hours. We had been on the island about twenty minutes when an entourage of S.U. V.s drove past. Some one said it was George H. W. Bush come to view the devastation from Katrina. We decided to check it out. and soon came upon the islands small city hall. A small crowd of perhaps 30 to 50 people gathered. When Bush walked out and down the steps ot the building, some people cheered and he waved. He came over to greet the crowd and shake a few hands.

We continued our tour at Ft. Gaines. As we walked among the fortification we could hear the noise of some choppers. We looked up and could see several dark crafts in the clear blue sky above. Presumably one was carrying the former Commander and Chief away.

When we returned to work the next morning someone had a copy of the Mobile Register.
On the front page was an article on Bushs visit to Dauphin Island and included a photo from the visit. The photo showed Bush shaking hands in the crowd. The photographer had not only captured George H. W. Bush but my companion as well.

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