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on Jan 27th 2009, 04:42:10, Diarrhea Bandit wrote the following about


I am going to a tattoo convention and i am on a bus with a bunch of tattooed freaks. Our bus ends up breaking down outside of a city. By that time i had to shit so bad and the bus had no toilet. I actually had to shit pretty bad before it broke down which made it worse. I pretty much had to hold my cheeks in place in order not to stain my drawers. The freaks end up getting the buss back into drive and we head back to the town that we just past to go look at the problem. Well they stopped at a truck stop as soon as the bus stopped i got up and left without saying anything. I got the the truck stop and went immediately to the bathroom. Well i didnt quite make it sitting down before i shit. Apparently i hot the toilet seat with my spray and it sprayed up the wall. I forgot to mention i had been eating spicy pickles all night. Anyway no one was in there so i switched stalls. I forgot to mention that i didnt get a single drop of ass juice on myslef. After i got to the next stall my buddy walked in to use a pisser and saw the shit all over the place. It was a lot worse than i thought it wasn't only over the wall but the sides of the stall and all over the floor and toilet. All my buddy said was, that wasn't you was it? And i said yes so lets get out.

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