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Close your eyes, imagine the sharp pain in your lower abdomen as you finally take a seat on the cold plastic. Involuntarily, you release your sphinctor and hear the ghastly spray echo from the bowl, the force of liquid feces blasting the water and splattering, cold against the raw skin of your tender, throbbing asshole. You know if you stand up, another forceful brown rush will come spewing out against your will. Enjoy the smell, a smell like no other in the world, worse than normal shit. Like raw sewage with a mysterious hint of illness which lingers in the air, and in fact will stay with you all day now that you have sprayed diarrhea all over yourself. You try to wipe it all off, surprised and shocked that so much of it got on you, especially on your cheeks around the opening of your asshole. Even on your legs. When you put your pants on, you feel something wet against your skin, and realize you missed a spot, and now fecal juice has been absorbed into your clothing. For the rest of the day, you will smell like shit. But it doesn't matter, because you will be back to repeat this process every few minutes for the next twelve hours. When you flush for the final time, it becomes obvious that you splattered all over the seat and the upper part of the bowl where the water doesn't quite rinse everything off. You have become accustomed to the odor in the air by now, and will not be aware of the fact that you are carrying it around with you all day.

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