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on Apr 3rd 2001, 01:28:58, nOvJuL wrote the following about


We're all doing the best we can
but it's never enough
never enough

we're surrounded by wealth
but it's never enough
never enough

we breathe till we die
but it's never enough
never enough

in spite of all gifts
we are poverty-bound
no matter what we do
or where we go
this is all there is
and it's never enough

There's just not enough love
we're so sad, we're so blind
we're so hungry and small
we seek but don't find

There's not enough hope
and there's not enough peace
we're so frail and so lost
and our longings won't cease

we think there's an answer
we want something else
we just howl for the moon
while we're fighting the Self

Is it empty or full?
Is it black? Is is white?
It just is what it is
This is it, so why fight?

Give it up, let it be
let it go, set it free
breathing out, breathing in
fill it up, like a cup
drink it down, turn around

Well it's true, life is tough
and it's hard and it's rough
and it's never enough
never enough

Well that's just too damn bad!
Never loved what you had
cause it wasn't enough
it was never enough

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