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Acclaimed actor John Malkovich has a new stage: fashion design. Since childhood, John has had an interest in clothes and fashion photography. He even studied costuming at university and, to this day, does costume design for theater. He walked the Comme des Garçons runway when no actor would and was featured in campaigns for Prada, Antonio Miro, and Armani, among others.

John wrote and directed fashion films for English designer Bella Freud and wrote theChristian Louboutin” book foreword. He created fabric for Liberty of London, did a design collaboration with Bailey Hats, designed clothes for Pirelli, and partnered with French watchmaker Richard Mille.

Now, with his own label, John takes inspiration from his travels and experiences, fine art, and storytelling elements, such as setting and characterization. He sketches designs and patterns, refining every detail, while travelling and during downtime on set. For over 30 years, John has been a passionate fabric collector. With a meditative approach, he often spends several days focusing purely on fabric selection.

John believes that fashion should be sincere because its rooted in self-expression. Fashion is about putting something together, and defining and transporting yourself. Its about being bold and discreet at the same time. Above all, its about focusing on what you want and not worrying about what others expect you to be.

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