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If, in response to the down-charted values of the tertiary mode operands (available
last month for the first time), the Nurv operator can instantiate a Coppiss-Larv Churn
Process (CLCP), the expectation is that fewer than nine scoloids will infenitiate during the
latent millivamps of consubornamation. In our last report, we outlined the Higgins
approach to th problem, known to have generated at least four still-extant, M-class
follidles of the BsubA variety. Higgins himself contacted the team with a number of
corrections shortly after publication, and it was at that point that Furrnouse discovered
the base7 slippage in figures describing irregular torpoid condlements on page 227 of
the original finding. Higgins, and the Head of Department in Silvings Division, both
claimed the slippage could be accounted for by cornerage associated with the blind-
farcted tessel voists that occur randomly throughout the quint-period fulsomation.
Furrnouse objected, and demanded Higgins produce documentation in support of
the cornerage claim. Higgins refused, citing Company Operating Policy Position Brief
L-372a (the infamous »Taxon Multi-Levelator Brief«), and requested Office of Counsel
to intervene on his behalf in communicaitons with Bureau of Matters, where
Furrnouse was temporarily on loan. Furrnouse had already engaged the services
of Department of Interdepartmental Affairs (my office, with Seldon managing the
Inframanagement desk). Pre-emptively we suborned seven members of Higgins
immediate team under a »domain hierarchy inversion« ruling, provided to us by
Severance & Continuation Office, and had them sequestered in a conference room
on B level for five days. We were not able to get much out of them, since Higgins
had only receently acqiuired them through the Cross Discipline Tranfer Program,
the previous team members with direct knowledge of the procedure having been
traded out to Lincoln Group, based in Antigua and well beyond our jurisdiction. At
a standstill in operations, Seldon suggested tasking Torveld at Logistics & Diagnostics,
with refendifalting the Dornt-Webb machine in the basement and recolluting Higgins's
figures. Furrnouse joined Torveld down on C4 Level, and together they were able to
confirm most of the marge points Higgins team had scorated. It was when Torveld
attempted the CLCP without a joint Fentille/Durfph »movelle« firmly pressed into
the cardiff apertune cavity that the Dornt-Webb underwent a violent transformation.
Several gong solenoids detonated instantly from the heat, exposing the Soule Form
Mechanism to sub-zero meltron gas. The SFM failed, leading to pressure build-up
around the merifold and rear vacuating canisters, and the whole machine exploded.
Most of C4 and C3 Levels were destroyed, along with roughly a dozen Auxiallary OMW
Vehicles, the L&D stockpile of Humple-Zumples, one insignificant data pasture and
another less insignificant but undocumented and only partially volatile. Furrnouse and
Torveld were lost as well, along with the results of their procedure.

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