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Author of 'The Scars of Obsession' Female supremacy novel. The story follows the exploits a man in his mid 30's who falls for a young Asian woman. She however is a member of a fledgling cult (The Cult of the Her)a society of Female Supremacists. To be with her he must first submit to her total authority and learn to become her devoted slave. Together they have much to learn about themselves, eachother and about the society in which they both now belong. The book also has its own take on where, when and why women became userped from power and what remnants beyond the will of man exists to rekindle her right to power. Out now in the U.S.A this book will entertain, educate and arous the reader. It is also my belief that the charracters in this book deserve a sequel but before i begin on that project, i would like to obtain as much feedback on the first novel as i possibly can. 'The Scars of Obsession' ISBN 978-1-4349-9317-5- ENJOY and please send me your uncensored opinions.

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