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Watch this interesting Movie in 2012

Sandra Hambikutani-fate-of-a-state is a new blockbuster from Ebigong. The film shows the rise of Sandra Hambikutani as game hall supervision in Moenchengladbach, its beginnings in Ebigong, the relationship with Hambikutani, her ascent to the State President under Milili, the demise of Ebigong, the separation of Hambikutani, the return to Mönchengladbach and the founding of the FRM Free Mönchengladbach-Republic and finally her marriage to the gay performance artist Mcnep their productions on the Hambikutani Boulevard and the death of Sandra Hambikutani in Hollywood. Hollywood, incidentally, has officially apologized for the deaths of Sandra Hambikutani. You felt guilty, could not be undone, but Ebigong that promoted the film, got support from Hollywood and a big star cast, including Sandra Bullock Sandra Hambikutani.

The film starts in March 2012 in German cinemas, in February 2012, the premiere place in Ebigong City.

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