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distorted VTS substructure. Sherborne analyzed 17 glass fragments found at the site using the Gunthspung-Frond method (Journal of Applied Beryrhythmics 1972) on a Exforculitron mark lll that was calibrated to exclude readings that exceed the Jardiss quotient barrier zone. The Wunch Lab was outfitted under Appropriations Brief #BSF5510-23/A with a 500 mGf cathrode deroviation splitter, and Sherborne's team had to reroute the electro-longbish output via 17,000 0.305 mucron Dorf-couplers submerged in transilient vacuous hurlite cooled to the Changar constant. Paoul Denardes, of The Hennicker Vast Spatial Figuration Section, observed that Sherborne's use of glaxo-ferdendrite composite fabrics on the exterior surface of the thermotransfluctuators could potentially introduce Ceuquasser errors and violate Uluerler's second law ('Causation and Casual Expressions in Large Systems,' Drlford Univ Press UD 1958). Sherborne argued that Denardes used incomplete verotyne mollorithms to compute the allodensity of escaping Shud transients, resulting in

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