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on Sep 3rd 2006, 03:26:29, scarlet wrote the following about


I had left the key in the car. I immediately realized what I had done but it was too late.

After the meal, I called AAA and someone came out and retrieved the key from the locked car.

Later that day.

When I returned home I had my arms full; and I had the house keys out moving them toward the door knob, but they fell out of my hand. They slid off the porch though a small space is between the house and porch . We were not sure how were going are going to recover. Neither of us relished going under there to get them.

I wasn't locked out as I had a second set.

Time passed.

About a week later we retrieved the keys with a strong extend a magnet that cost about a dollar fifty at Harbor Freight. Beats spiders and snakes.

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