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The plot thickens sometimes, in the second chapter of a book, or maybe in the first few minutes of a movie. The guy you saw at the beginning and started to relate to, suddenly, BANG! BANG! is lying on the ground in a pool of blood. And you, the viewer, are left there, alone, figuring who to relate to now. Because cinema today is all about relating to one of the characters. I heard horror is about identyfying with a character and then getting scared as shit, cause something nasty is happening to him, and him is almost like you. And all these happenings, nasty or not, are the plot. So the plot is quite important, though you can do without it too, probably. THough I like them plots a lot.
ANd a plot can be a plot of ground too, so beware and take care, cause the plot of your life can thicken, if you mix those two meanings. Like your saying: I have a small plot here, thinking about that little garden of yours, but the nice guy your talking with on a plane from Hannover to LA turns out to be this big Miramax exec, and he says were buying it! Boy, in such a situation I think your lifeplot has thickened way seriously!!!

At the moment my lifeplot is not so thick, but who knows, disasters happen and miracles too. And some bonzo in the States is thinking about buying out the little company I work for. So the companies plot might thicken anyday, and my lifeplot at the same time. And I will strick it big under the wings of Air America, and buy a nice little plot myself. Maybe in Arizona, where I can herd cows and ranch horses and be mister cowboy. THink it's fun?

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