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on Feb 6th 2005, 22:06:45, Harlan Frost wrote the following about


What is the origin of the »pot calling the kettle black«, I wonder.

Did the pot start the dialogue?

Wouldn't it have been more likely that the kettle started it? Or at least was more vociferous?

After all, the whistle of a kettle is usually both shriller and louder than the gentle burble or even roiling boil of a pot on high heat.

Although, if on heat, wouldn't both the pot and kettle be turning red? The black would be either from the original material or perhaps from the smoke and soot accumulated of years over the fire.

Nature or experience, it doesn't matter which. Either we are all the same deep within, all the way down to our roots. Or we have all weathered with the storms and slings and arrows of our lives lived.

Too bad we can't recognize ourselves in others more often and more easily.

 – Harlan Frost, aka another *nom de screen*

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