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tional. D. Brethers was contacted via telephone by B. Hunga, of Mesomaterials Group. Brethers reported that the tertiate joinery of the aft stabilization subassembly (ASS) was thoroughly tested in the Fermoz Degormulator using both Impedo-zygratic and Kurghian hoop-derived cyanochryons. Results exceeded the FOTS-DAA work group specifications (Bannsteimperaufgandingundren 2005). Hunga presented evidence (Umbelt & Forroster, »Signal Strength Decrepitation Via Transperiostyllic Fault Channels« Boston 2015) that use of the Fermoz without the Schnapps-Cusseur attachment would produce inconsistent data. Brethers cited an unpublished paper in preparation at Wounch Lab which is based on preliminary findings that refute the Remerian Density Shift at the heart of Umbelt & Forroster. Henga made reference to legal documents (Glossnerville Court Abstracts, Vol IX 1971) which name Wounch Lab, with Hurding Industries, as defendants in a multilateral fraud investgation involving discontinued currencies and domestic

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