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The sun is shining and the birds are singing. It is a very beautiful day but not for the twenty young American soldiers. They have to defend the bridge which stands under the warm sun. They try to forget their fears by playing cards and talking about girls. Only Captain Andrew and Sergeant Walter are discussing about a serious problem. They are worried about their mission. They have to defend the bridge with every bullet and every man. If the Germans take the bridge they will have to destroy it. But before they will be allowed to do this they will have done everything to hold the position. They know exactly that many of their men will die during this operation. They rethink their plan and they are concerned about the man who is responsible for the detonation of the bridge. He will have to stay in the background. If the Germans hit him the group will get a big difficulty in destroying the bridge. Captain Andrew takes a look around and he can hear Private Smith talk about his girlfriend. The description of his girlfriend does not get out of his head. What will go into her mind if she hears about the death of her boyfriend? He tries to forget this question but he has no success. He watches his men and he can see happy faces. His men are more able to forget where they are. But he has the responsibility. He cannot forget his duty so easily. He wants to destroy the bridge immediately instead of sending his men into a hopeless situation. Protecting his men is only one duty for him but holding the bridge is the other more important duty for his Colonel. The Captain knows that clever officers attack a tactical target like a bridge during the night. Now he is watching the sun which stands deeply. It is going to become night. He hopes that his men do not see the sun for the last time.

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