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the old pirate wrote on Mar 6th 2001, 14:57:18 about


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Reality is absolute, whether we perceive it as such or not.

Nils wrote on Aug 12th 2000, 05:13:06 about


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Reality doesn't exist, reality is being made. We are creators of reality.

Josef wrote on Aug 5th 2000, 05:50:32 about


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»Reality is what you make it
-Robert Anton Wilson

»Death to reality!!!«

»Reality is for those who can't accept a good fantasy.«
-Me, unless someone else said it first.

teriyake wrote on Sep 17th 2002, 11:32:46 about


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a chair is only a chair because I have an abstraction of an universal chair and the chair fits to that abstraction. So if I did not have an abstraction, there would be no chair. But what would it be?

NossNah64 wrote on Oct 2nd 2000, 03:20:10 about


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Realism on tape, strapped around the eyes and ears of a long haired hippie on LSD is not as trueworthy as realism on tape on its own. Reality on a flat black recorder behind a judge in the hall of justice might even rule this board. But that is passed knowledge, and history is not the only thing your children reads while claiming their rights. Vietnam, Milosovich, Adolf and Aristoteles all had dreams of their own. Dont follow yours. Listen to mine.

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