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Plöperpengel&Gronkor about destroycore
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agnes about destroycore
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Gronkor about destroycore

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typoMatic about destroycore

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Gronkor about destroycore

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Plöperpengel&Gronkor wrote on Aug 25th 2000, 19:52:50 about


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Bow your head to the beauty of a nuclear explosion. Or feet stomping on frogs in the evening sun.
Hold on!
Piss off!
(does not matter)
Just bee yourselves (feel freee)

Plöperpengel&Gronkor wrote on Aug 25th 2000, 19:56:41 about


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Sorry, but we can't tell you what destroycore really is. We don't know on ourselvelses, mista.
It just happenepnpeped to U.S.

agnes wrote on Apr 30th 2004, 16:06:29 about


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If destroycore occurs, does the outer layer survive?

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