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on Mar 11th 2001, 17:23:37, Josef wrote the following about


"The stocky 42-year old, who was actually drafted by the New York State Green Party to run for president, was in Canada during our recent federal election campaign, and he found the voting process up here just as amusing as the American way of doing things...
When Biafra mentioned the Marijuana Party, which came close behind the New Democrats in Calgary East, there was applause, but he then advised the audience to come together under the Green banner, noting that the two parties' platforms are very similar in nature. Biafra also encouraged people to go out and »become the media« by spreading the message on a one on one basis. Biafra says activists should work harder to »build bridges« to mainstream society – even if it means »going line dancing or bowling, or listening to Celine Dion.«

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