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on Apr 7th 2000, 08:42:26, mez/mary-anne breeze [The Fleshtronic] wrote the following about


I think that the situation has n-deed changed, and being the good l'tle n-trospective theoretician that i am, i'll l-laborate thru a purrsonal n-ecdote:
I was recentlee asked 2 write a theoretical x-amination of another artist's wurk, b-ing bedda known – in some circ[e]ellez- for my net.art critiquer skilz than mi net.wurk practice [my style of net.art is termed »net.wurk«]. i choze 2 write/construckt a quasi-review, quasi-net.wurk Flash commentary [closer 2 faction/infofiction than a pure x-amination of the wurk], and waz sub-c-quentlee quizzed about thizz format – izz it a new genre of artz journalizm? philosphee? academic crozz-ovah? I'm still knott sure, but like the fragmenting of s-tablished nodez of n-nalysis, and resulting re-s-tablishment with particular net.wurk [infofictionalized] threads sown in. thizz, 2 me, is where the theoretician can _chooze_ 2 change the parameterz previously binding both theory [N itz manifestation in a more practical senze] via a net-wurked n-vironment.

mez/mary-anne breeze [The Fleshtronic]

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