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nope about Tomorrow

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Jordan about Tomorrow

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blastman about Tomorrow

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Joe wrote on Aug 20th 2004, 06:53:01 about


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Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform, and mortal men lay hold on heaven.


ozgrrl wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 21:22:16 about


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Oh, I'm always completely optimistic about tomorrow – apart from those days when something Very Important is set down for Tomorrow and I'm nervous about it. Still, even then you know that tomorrow is just another day, and there will be another one after the scary one, right?

Reginald wrote on Jul 29th 2004, 22:42:32 about


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Tomorrow – the day after today.

Candice wrote on Nov 8th 2001, 09:01:45 about


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I'm still waiting for the tomorrow that never comes.

lil monkey wrote on Feb 9th 2001, 22:40:19 about


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Never really arrives, does it? Tomorrow.

Georgie wrote on Mar 28th 2000, 07:52:00 about


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Tomorrow is the day after today, which means, it's in the future and I can still sleep.

karenina wrote on Apr 23rd 2000, 00:23:57 about


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Tomorrow it's easter and we'll be looking for eggs in the garden. Painted eggs. Something totally irrelevant and absurd of course, but nevertheless...
Tomorrow mostly means expectations for some action of thought that is stimulating and surprising. No idea what the surprise will be tomorrow. Todays surpriste? The cosiness of my hometown, after a vacation. Everyone wolaking around, sipping coffee at outsite bars on a canal.

Babylon 69 wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 20:14:14 about


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Tomorrow is a demon which haunts us at every passage. A large part of our being only exists aa a tenous probability. All the alternative tommorrows of which we never were. Virtual memories torment our unremembered dreams.

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