Amount of texts to »Test« 35, and there are 32 texts (91.43%) with a rating above the adjusted level (-3)
Average lenght of texts 65 Characters
Average Rating 0.686 points, 6 Not rated texts
First text on Apr 11th 2000, 00:00:08 wrote
Alvar about Test
Latest text on Dec 8th 2007, 01:51:12 wrote
Emma Example about Test
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on Mar 2nd 2002, 19:01:39 wrote
MAZZY about Test

on Oct 21st 2002, 22:39:24 wrote
Damien about Test

on Nov 27th 2005, 04:30:12 wrote
Nicole about Test

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Texts to »Test«

markus wrote on Feb 22nd 2001, 08:15:30 about


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Is a tsetse-fly a test ?

Alvar wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 00:00:08 about


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This keyword is not only for testing purpose. Use it freely for anything you want – but write something about »test«.

This text ist only a test.

angrynerd wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 21:13:31 about


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Fill in all bubbles completely, using a number two pencil. You will be penalized for incorrect answers. Read all instructions carefully. You have thirty minutes to complete this section.

pip wrote on May 30th 2000, 10:45:59 about


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I wonder if there are any sentences in this thing which are made up entirely of key words?

Next key word I put in is going to be is, and then and and then a few other connecting words, and we'll see.

Oh yeah, the word is test (apparently)

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