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TISM’s original


Christina Aguilera:
Some dead-eyed child bride
Has learned to dance
Sisqo: One pack of vicious blacks
Hates another.
Moby: A geography teacher
Bought a blues record
Radiohead: Redefining the very idiom
That is modern music.
Psy-trance. Big beat. Prog house.
Old skool. Hard house.
Nu-skool breaks:
London: The 500 most snooty people
Thinks somethings important.
Acting in a movie: Walk to the mark. Say the line.
Do it again.
Video clips: The revolving moose-head shot
Cost quarter of a mil.
Pay TV: Gilligan’s island. Rugby.
Gilligan’s island again.
The Internet: More crap at your fingertips
Than on them.

Big Fucking Woopee

Georgio Armani: Makes dresses.
Makes more dresses.
The Queen Mother: Fucked the right guy.
Lots of money. Drunkard.
Vegans: Deeply committed people.
Better than you and me.
Stock market: Lots of guys with rat-cunning,
Ripping each other off.
BMW: You hop in this car,
Then you drive it

New Wavered

Clare Robertson:
One of only two women to work on the Tattersalls ‘Javelin’ cabling project in 1995
Daddy whats the truth?
CCTV’s: Provided the footage
That showed the women doing their work
Daddy whats the truth?
Keno cable: Its successful termination proved to be impossible for all but one of the women cablers.
Daddy whats the truth?
Steven Schumer: Redefining the very idiom
That is modern husbandry.
Daddy whats the truth?
Austel: Telstra’s brainchild
Conceived for the regulation of the burgeoning cabling industry
Daddy whats the truth?
Collingwood: The place where, by Clare’s impetus alone, Clare undertook an eight week coaching course to prepare her for the Austel licensing examination in 1996
Daddy whats the truth?
Singing in a band: Announce an impromptu concert to be held coincidently on the same day that Clare sits the Austel licensing examination. Run towards the general direction of Clare. Procede to strip off your costume and throw it onto Clare.
Daddy whats the truth?
Evidence: Wipe out any that proves you performed a concert that night.
Daddy whats the truth?
Video clips:The lounges couldn’t compete
Daddy whats the truth?
Diploma of telecommunications: A farce of a course. A relative waste of time for anyone interested in learning how to run cable.
Daddy whats the truth?

Daddy whats the fucking truth?

Paul Cridge: Makes aspersions.
Makes more aspersions.
Daddy whats the truth?
Tyre: The outer part of a wheel which when deflated makes it nearly impossible to drive your car.
Police: Deeply committed people.
Authorized to witness a statutory declaration of a lost wallet and Austel license and then to take you to hospital with culminated exasperation at two years worth of unsuccessful applications for a replacement license.
The Hippocratic Oath: Ask Paul
Daddy whats the truth?
The truth: Its horror will prevail
Daddy whats the truth?

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