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on Feb 9th 2006, 10:26:58, george starbuck wrote the following about


i had a bad dream yester day about my dad and me in a pantomime having a cigarette and then a big black chinook helicopter landed and and it technician got out of it with a load of other people and then i said leave me and my dad alone please and let me and him go
so i went in side the panto to check summet and when i came out i noticed my dad had gone and i heard him say let me go and then i shoouted i want my daddy and i got no reply so i ran towards the room to try and see him i cried and the door closed then an asian man hit him with a spade and they went to get rope so i tried to free my dad they were on there way back so i said hurry up dad they will be back soon it was terrible they were already back

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