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Joe wrote on Aug 21st 2004, 07:52:09 about


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Be open to your dreams, people. Embrace that distant shore. Because our mortal journey is over all too soon.

(David Assael)

Groggy groove wrote on May 24th 2000, 20:48:23 about


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When I woke up I was in a forest. The dark seemed natural, the sky through the pine trees thick with many lights. I knew nothing; I could do nothing but see. And as I watched, all the lights of heaven faded to make a single thing, a fire burning through the cool firs. Then it wasnŽt possible any longer to stare at heaven and not be destroyed.

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens wrote on Aug 7th 2004, 08:46:34 about


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'Ay!' cried the child, in a burst of despair. 'I knew it could never be, I felt too sure of that, before I asked! But, all to-night, and last night too, it was the same. I never fall asleep, but that cruel dream comes back.'

'Try to sleep again,' said the old man, soothingly. 'It will go in time.'

Natasha Jordan wrote on Feb 20th 2001, 23:50:45 about


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They say that you dream in black and white.

I am quite convinced, however, that I dream in shades of blue and green. I base this on my recollections in the morning.

effy wrote on Feb 23rd 2001, 15:17:37 about


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I had a dream that I broke my glasses somehow and they had 3 eye lenses instead of two. The left one was fine, the middle was crumpled and the right was bent in half. I guess they were plastic lenses.
I wonder what this meant. My left lense was fine. My middle was crumpled, which must be my third eye, the part that senses things, the part that causes emotion. My right one was bent in half, which is my right brain, where the artistic side of a person comes out. The left side is more, well I'd rather not use that side except that writing is from the left side of your brain.
I still don't know what it meant.

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