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Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!
by Michael Moore

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Product Details

Hardcover: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.03 x 8.56 x 5.80
Publisher: Regan Books; ; 1st edition (February 19, 2002)
ISBN: 0060392452
In-Print Editions: Audio Cassette (Unabridged) | Audio CD (Unabridged) | Hardcover (Large Print) | Audio Download (Audible.com)
Average Customer Review: Based on 551 reviews. Write a review.
Amazon.com Sales Rank: 21

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16 people recommended Back the Attack: Remixed War Propoganda in addition to Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for

the State of the Nation!
27 people recommended Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right instead of Stupid White Men ...and Other Sorry Excuses for
the State of the Nation!

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Editorial Reviews

Stupid White Men, Michael Moore's screed against »Thief-in-Chief« George Bush's power elite, hit No. 1 at Amazon.com within days of publication. Why? It's as fulminating and crammed with infuriating facts as any right-wing bestseller, as irreverent as The Onion, and as noisily entertaining as a wrestling smackdown. Moore offers a more interesting critique of the 2000 election than Ralph Nader's Crashing the Party (he argued with Nader, his old boss, who sacked him), and he's serious when he advocates ousting Bush. But Moore's rage is outrageous, couched in shameless gags and madcap comedy: »Old white men wielding martinis and wearing dickies have occupied our nation's capital.... Launch the SCUD missiles! Bring us the head of Antonin Scalia!... We are no longer [able] to hold free and fair elections. We need U.N. observers, U.N. troops.« Moore's ideas range from on-the-money (Arafat should beat Sharon with Gandhi's nonviolent shame tactics) to over-the-top: blacks should put inflatable white dolls in their cars so racist cops will think they're chauffeurs; the ever-more-Republicanesque Democratic Party should be sued for fraud; »no contributions toward advancing our civilization ever came out of the South [except Faulkner, Hellman, and R.J. Reynolds],« because it's too hot to think straight there; Korean dictator Kim Jong-il »has got to broaden himself beyond porn and John Wayne« by watching better movies, like Dude, Where's My Car? (which contains »all you need to know about America«). Whatever your politics, Stupid White Men should make you blow your stack. --Tim Appelo

From Booklist
The latest appraisal of contemporary American society by a popular and iconoclastic commentator. Brad Hooper
Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

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508 of 991 people found the following review helpful:

Buy This Book!, February 24, 2002

Reviewer: Gib Miller from FL United States
Wow! Michael's done it again! This book hits the nail on the head or maybe prunes the Bush would be a better phrase.

As usual, Michael has done his homework, researched and re-researched to bring us reporting worth reading.
Whether you're right of, left of or dead center, this is a must-read book if you're at all concerned, truly concerned about our country and its future.
If you're a shallow flag-waving jingoist, this isn't for you but if you're a thinking, sensitive concerned American citizen (one who votes-or intends to)this is a must-read.
Keep it up Michael, we need guys like you!
Gib Miller
State of the Disenfranchised Voter

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1044 of 1585 people found the following review helpful:

Superb! Mike hits the bullseye once again., February 21, 2002

Reviewer: A reader from Dallas, TX
Just finished his new book and it was right on the mark. I have to hand it to Mike, he doesn't pull any punches. I'm a Republican who didn't

vote for Bush and even I have to admit that Mr. Moore has guts to stand up to the PC crowd who try to shout down anyone who disagrees with the Bush/Cheney disastrous economic policies. Hooray for free speech!

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Spot on! Moore's writing is inspiring., January 19, 2003

Reviewer: nchambers from Corvallis, OR USA
Drop what you are doing. Go out and watch »Bowling for Columbine.« Afterwards rent »The Big One« and »Roger & MeThen buy this book and "Downsize
This!" and read them both. After that you will be left to try and answer the important questions that the USA needs to address. Michael Moore builds critical- thinking skills....something this country is severely lacking.

Was this review helpful to you?

Constantly witty, incredibly shocking..., January 19, 2003

Reviewer: nerff20 (see more about me) from Indy
Michael Moore has exposed our nation for what it really is. This book is the ultimate response to those who still think George W. is a good president. Moore

gets at all the issues from all the angles, attacking Democrats, Republicans, whites, our supreme court, Florida, and much more. He leaves no stone unturned in this funny, educated read that goes surprisingly fast. Moore does what others cannot: he exposes the state of our nation for what it really is. Let's see Bill O'Reilly do that!

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