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Jim wrote on Aug 29th 2001, 22:47:27 about


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People understand binary, but don't like the word. We encounter binary choices in everyday life, but we seem to need to call them yes/no or true/false or start/stop instead.

MOM wrote on Apr 13th 2000, 19:19:02 about


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Binary is a terrific solution for science but it overuse on nature produced unwanted oppositional results
(left-right, black-white, pure-blended, wine-beer)

Bill Stuart wrote on Dec 30th 2003, 11:50:12 about


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I bet no one thought of that before

[das flederwiesel]™ wrote on Mar 23rd 2002, 02:28:25 about


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Forget your feelings – just be a NULL-pointer: Being nothing, containing nothing, and reacting like one....
Life is so beautiful, if you know how to ignore it.

Babylon 69 wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 17:00:24 about


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If you take binary to its logical extreme, it becomes a kind of liquid, and dissolves itelf. What does this mean for the future?

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