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Jim wrote on Aug 29th 2001, 22:47:27 about


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People understand binary, but don't like the word. We encounter binary choices in everyday life, but we seem to need to call them yes/no or true/false or start/stop instead.

Bill Stuart wrote on Dec 30th 2003, 11:50:12 about


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I bet no one thought of that before

pip wrote on May 30th 2000, 11:00:13 about


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Does anyone actually know how the ones and zeros of binary code are translated into the things we see on the screen.

I get binary numbers


or whatever

but, how does a computer work out that you mean, make this bit blue, and this bit black, or whatever, and not just go if 0 equalled white, and 1 equalled black, that you didn't mean one white dot, one black dot, one white dot, one black...

what seperates one binary chunk of coding from another, like full stops or whatever?

I can't find a book that'll tell me.

It's driving me nuts not knowing.

Onan_Barbarian wrote on Apr 11th 2000, 13:00:36 about


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Everything humankind knows or achieves can be expressed as a function of binary decisions. Therefore our silicon-based binary children shall eventually learn to be our masters.

MOM wrote on Apr 13th 2000, 19:19:02 about


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Binary is a terrific solution for science but it overuse on nature produced unwanted oppositional results
(left-right, black-white, pure-blended, wine-beer)

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