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on Sep 27th 2002, 02:26:12, CourteousnessLeague wrote the following about


Everytime now and then people are like approaching me and they like want to get in fistfights, yes madam, because i be wearing da green belt for all a'y'all suckers to see, and they say things like »hah, you karadeee, or whut?«, and i be like »yes yes, 'deed 'deed« and they will like start punching and they try Puttindasmackdown, but i gots the green belt, and i just do that like really tiny and gentle kick on their kneecap, but, ha, i am able to like canalize all that fareastern energy onnto that one spot so its like, uh uh uh, uggh very heavy weight per square millimeter, and taht like does the job, yes yes, yes yes yes, yes yes yes yes. And dont ever you come and disrespect with that white belt, you looser-breath!

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