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tions pending. When the macroclusters were enliviated in kleisner bath at 430K, Dr Grampner and his colleagues observed karsh-jolson clamping across all phases of the interbloculator field timetable. The experiment was immediately shut down and the group was sealed in the chamber per safety protocol (UBSA Charter 2012, section 3a). Although the chongrue solution quickly cooled and the solvibonde rods released their charge, the laboratory remained sealed for more than 2 hours due to combined failures in the secondary and tertiary CLOD systems (Cymetric Load Operations Dicolviator). Under normal circumstance the Extraction Unit would have been requested to enact a manual exit over-ride, but Jamesan and his team had already been dispatched to the Gonnigan Building where a fire had broken out in the Upper Records Section (arson, it was later determined by investigators from Internal Monitoring & Resolution; no culprit named). It was reported by M. Diffus, staff assistant to fifth chair Director Jrauss, that the situation within the sealed laboratory grew tense when Dr Grampner refused to allow anyone in the group to use the emergency red phone mounted by the hatch. F. Savim, fourth chair VP of Conics, accused Dr Grampner of fabricating thr

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